Disposable Diaires: Booze Cruise Summer '14

Dear Pussycats,

Today I wanted to share one of my favorite memories of last summer with you. My dearest friend Misha invited me on a "booze cruise" and by "booze cruise" she meant buying tall-cans and riding the free staten island ferry back and forth. Boy, is my friend Misha absolutely, absolutely beyond brilliant! It's insane how much people spend on fancy boats around the statue of liberty when they could've saved that money and just took the free ferry for a probably better view and bought some hotdogs and shoes instead!

We spent an amazing afternoon soaking up the sun, getting a stunning view of New York and enjoying Staten Island for only 5 minutes (as long as you need to be there, in my opinion)!

We've since made this practice a tradition and booze cruise as often as possible! Misha is one of my favorite friends who makes everything fun, even when we don't spend a dime! 


What are some ideas for free fun that you have?

Keep it sassy,

(p.s. I don't want to jinx myself but I've blogged every day this week! Cheers to new beginnings and better habits) 


Soundtrack to My Sniffley Day Home Alone.

Dear Pussycats,

Yesterday I was sick with a major case of the sniffles, and my boyfriend left me home alone in his apartment all day.

So I thought I’d come up with a soundtrack to that day. These are the songs that I sing to when no one is watching, songs that won't judge me if I blow my nose and my boogers are green, songs that perfectly pair with a cup of tea, and songs that fit in during the commercial breaks of my Ru Paul's Drag Race marathon.

"Dancing On My Own" by Robyn is the ANTHEM when you are home alone, because as the words say, you are dancing on your own, girl. And can we forget that great scene in the show Girls where Lena Dunham dances just because, this was me all day in between naps and soup of course.

Then we gotta go with a little Kelly Clarkson, because DUH. "Since You've Been Gone" is one of my karaoke staples, and while I may not be destroying my boyfriends apartment, cutting up all his clothes and dumping all of his expensive hair products in his sink, my mountain of tissues in his bedroom is pretty catastrophic. 

Nicki Minaj and Queen Bey always do the trick when I'm so sick and doing the opposite of feeling myself. 

And nothing says, "I'M SICK AND I'M GOING TO ENJOY MYSELF IN THIS APARTMENT ALONE DAMNIT" like a little bit of JoJo. Just yelling/singing this from the couch in-between blowing my nose and peeing every five minutes from all the tea I'm drinking, is all a girl needs to feel better from within first. 

Then we gotta get back to my other queens, we got a little bit of Britney, some more Kelly, and a little old school Lady Gaga. These songs go great when you're giving yourself a pedicure, because despite not having a stitch of makeup on and your hair resembling a haphazard donut on top of your head, you still wanna be cute. 

The night prior, I had this super crazy Nyquil dream that I met Drake. I already feel like I know him because of my entire childhood, early adolescence and teenage years watching Degrassi, but I had to include this song because of the whole "sweatpants, hair-tied chilling with no makeup on" line. If Drake thinks I look pretty like this, then so should my boyfriend when he greets me after work to a messy house and a crusty-nose girlfriend, mmkay.

Forget apples ladies, a little bit of Zendaya a day keeps the doctor away. 

Also Chicken soup and saltines pair brilliantly with young boys who sing songs about how beautiful you are. One Direction, and Jesse McCartney hit me in that sweet spot when I'm beginning to think that my nose is so stuffed that if I stop breathing through my mouth I could end my life right here. These boys give me hope to move forward and get better. And what says a fun sick day like almost killing ourselves and dancing in our underwear to all the music my boyfriend would veto!

Forget what Mark thinks, Cookie his cat loves my soundtrack! 

Also, pro-tip: buy breathe-right strips when you're sick, I think they are supposed to be used for snoring problems, but they totally open up your nasal passage and help you breathe!


I hope this playlist made you laugh, or helped you out next time you wanna listen to some music to cheer you up.

keep it sassy,


Fashion Snapshots: Charli XCX, Bad-Gal RiRi and so much more!

Photo credit: ayguncesi.tumblr.com
Dear Pussycats, 

As many of you know, this past year has been a crazy one and I briefly fell out of love with fashion. However, as every Lifetime Original movie teaches us, you never forget your first love. So I thought I'd round up some of my favorite fashion looks I've seen this week.

Here is Brie Larson, one of my FAVORITE style queens! This is one of my favorite looks of hers in the most resent InStyle issue wearing Jil Sander. There is something so fun and playful about Brie Larson's style, but is't always very simple. Part of me also loves this look because it accompanies an "Autumn in New York" look book, and I can't wait for my next New York Autumn.

Charli XCX doesn't only make amazing music that I want to jump on my bed too, but her style is so on point. Her style is young, colorful and is always completed with her stunning locks and signature winged eyeliner. She is wearing Jeremy Scott, and I recommend you check out this entire photo shoot, she is as cute as a button!

Of course Badgal RiRi had to make an appearance in this segment. Rihanna has paved the way for my style game since she went bad in '05, and I think that even when she tries to be low-key, she is still flawless! Here she is in a Versace necklace and what looks to be a vintage dress hopping around New York City, can I look this flawless hoping around the city?

Of course, I had to include my ultimate dream supreme, Zayn Malik. Not only am I totally digging his new look, but I'm digging his new image too. Long gone are the days of letterman jackets and fan meet-and-greets, now he is sitting front row at fashion week looking fresher than a dress back from the dry-cleaner. GOODBYE LOUIS TOMLINSON, HELLO LOUIS VUITTON!


I hope you guys like this new segment and there is certainly more where this comes from!
Which outfit was your favorite?

Have a great day
and please keep it sassy,


Dear Caelan, How do I rediscover my home?

Photo Credit: Lazypacific.tumblr.com

Dear Pussycats,

I have so much to talk about love and romance, but what about the cities that I love so much! Thank you, you lovely anonymous baby for asking this question

Hey Caelan!! I was wondering if you had any recommendations for must-do food/activity/etc things in Hawai'i? I was born and raised there but I feel like I didn't get out much and I wanna make up for that when I visit home this summer, thank you!! <3

I adore this question so much for many reasons. People always bombard me with questions about where to go, what Hotels to stay at and what they have to, have to see when they go to the lovely 50th state. I have to remind everyone that as a local, when I'm home, I'm not hitting up the Luau's with the fire dancers every weeknight! It's the same in New York, I'm not constantly eating pizza and going to Broadway shows (okay the Pizza part isn't a lie).

HOWEVER, with my 21 years spent in Hawai'i, I think I can name you a few of my favorite secret spots that you must revisit and enjoy all over again.

1) Kaimuki - Growing up in Kaimuki/Kahala area, I gotta say Kaimuki is my favorite part of the island/ probably one of my favorite places on earth. The Goodwill has incredible vintage finds, Town had the best organic fancy-pants food I've ever had, and this area used to be the place where I would loiter for hours upon hours when I was younger!

Kaimuki is the hippest part of town without being "too cool." And while the burrito place I would've recommended is no longer there, and the place to buy large-breasted anime figurines is also no longer there, I'll recommend getting an iced latte with almond milk, and the banana bread at Coffee Talk, picking up a magazine, such as Disfunkshion magazine where I happened to have wrote three articles in the latest issue (shameless self plug), and spending a nice quiet moment on the top of christmas tree park.

2) West Side - When I was 18, I had the pleasure of dating a boy who lived all the way out in Kapolei, aka the West side of the island, aka no-mans-land when you live in town. However it was an amazing opportunity for me to actually explore a part of the island that I truly hadn't been before. Also when I was most recently back I went to a beach in Makaha and it was GORGEOUS! So, make sure you fill up your gas tank and head out there, not only is there a Wendy's, but there are some amazing weird little shops all over! I'd recommend getting some fresh poke at Times,  a giant Arizona green tea and hitting those waves!

3) Manoa - I will always have the softest spot in my heart for Manoa. It was where I went to college, therefore the place I spent a good majority of my time for the last three years I lived on Oahu. It's so green and beautiful, it always smells sort of like rain, and it brings back such great memories for me. I'd recommend hanging out in the Japanese garden in the back of the Manoa campus after you pick up a tuna melt from Andy's with a redbull blast smoothie and look at all the koi fishes in the pond! Just make sure you don't do it too late, cause apparently thats where a ton of UH students hook up after the Ka Leo  named it one of the "Best Places to Have Sex on Campus" gross.
PC: Jhune Li

Also, if you're craving pho, PLEASE go to Pho Viet Thien Hong in Manoa Marketplace. Not only is the restaurant pink on the inside (my aesthetic goals) but the Pho is the *Drake voice* best I ever had AND the people who work there are very kind. Go support them!

4) North Shore - I know, I know, It's touristy as hell. But name one person who can think of a better day full of Matsumoto's shave ice, a coconut shrimp plate from Giovannis and a hundred new freckles on your face. Just do it, you know it's the best.

5) Chinatown - One of my favorite places in the world. Go visit the darlings at Barrio Vintage and pick up a new tunic or something lovely, I actually can't go into that place without buying something! They are kind, they have great taste and there finds are to die for! I also love just wandering around Chinatown because all of the old fashion architecture is gorgeous and has such history to it! My grandpa used to work downtown during WW2 as a reporter for the Star Bulletin!

Also, I gotta give a huge shout out to the bar Proof if you want ono pizza and a delectable drink made by my own amazing brother Rob, YOU GOTTA GO! It's in a great spot, go there, dance your butt off and have a great time!


I thought this question was so cute, I thought I'd ask my friend Sonia who is a native New Yorker the same thing.

Dear Sonia, what are your favorite spots in New York City?

Left to Right: Emily, SONIA, Me! on our last day at BUST Magazine!
"Okay so this is definitely a biased list. I was born and raised in Chelsea, Manhattan, so most of my favorites are in that area or within walking distance. But on the other hand, it might just be that most of New York's coolest things are in my neighborhood!

1. Evening Gallery Hopping in Chelsea - Every evening in my neighborhood, something magical happens. From exactly 6PM to 8PM, a bunch of galleries host opening receptions for some really cool artists. Free art, free wine, intelligent conversations and a great excuse to dress up - it's almost too good to be true!

2. Cafe Grumpy's iced coffee and Stone Street's drip coffee and espresso - To be honest, I could blather for hours and hours about coffee, exhaustively comparing and contrasting NY's embarrassingly wide array of coffee shops. And really, it all comes down to personal preference, but I would be remiss if I didn't plug my two all-time favorites. Cafe Grumpy and Stone Street both originated from Brooklyn but have locations in Manhattan (yippee!). Grumpy's iced coffee is by far my favorite - it has a complex flavor and is just really really strong, which is totally my thing. And I'm obsessed with stone Street's Knee-Buckling Espresso and French Roast Coffee, because of their distinctive, almost chocolatey notes. I really haven't tasted anything like them before.

3. The Highline - Built on what used to be old, elevated railroad tracks, the Highline is hands-down my favorite park in the city. But it really is a gem - the views of the West Village are spectacular, the food is amazing, the old train tracks are overgrown with plant life as abundant as it is peculiar. 

4. Yoga to the People and Y& Yoga - If you're a yogi, then you're in luck. If you aren't a yogi, you'll be one soon, I promise. If you have a few extra bucks to spend, Y7 is a treat. It's fast-paced, dark and candle-lit, sweaty and put to awesome music - it's kind of like the SoulCycle of yoga. Classes are around $22, but if you don't have that kind of dough, never fear! Yoga to the People has an adorable, exposed-brick studio in St. Marks Place that's pay-what-you-want! They also have a studio on 3rd avenue - classes there are $5, and it's right about a bagel place so it always smells amazing!"


Well I don't know about you, but I'm super excited to discover my new home and rediscover my old one next time I'm home. 

Let me know what you think about this series and what else you'd like to see from me!

Keep it sassy,


Disposable Diaries: Neutral Milk Hotel in Prospect Park

Dear Pussycats,
Today I bring another Disposable Diaries for you all! Last summer I had the chance to see one of everyone's favorite bands NEUTRAL MILK HOTEL live! It was a beautiful summer day and Misha and I embarked on a journey. 

It was the three year anniversary of Amy Winehouse passing away, so Misha and I only thought it would be fitting to see some amazing live music. We donned our biggest hoop earrings, got totally lost in prospect park and practically melted like two tiny ice cream cones trying to find the venue but we made it.  
While waiting for the show to began, dabbing our foreheads with paper towels, we noticed the incredibly delicious food from the food trucks that surrounded us. From artisan double-decker burgers and truffle oil fries to the most delicious ice cream sandwiches we've ever seen, our mouths were watering for something delicious, however our empty wallets stopped all the fun. We gathered a few dollars, got the cheapest beer and stuck to resenting the people around us. 

When the show began I quickly learned that the frat guys behind me knew all the words to every song and I was actually the poser. Despite the good amount of time I spent as a tiny dreamer in high school playing In the Aeroplane Over the Sea on repeat, they are kind of one of those bands where you think you know the words, but you actually don't know them at all. 

Regardless, I had a great time dancing, shoving people, and truly enjoying this amazing band live. You aren't supposed to take photos, but y'all know how I am with rules, so I got a few snap shots and I'm so happy I did!

Jeff Mangum sounded even better than the records, and I just stood in awe of his incredible vocal range! Everyone was having a gay ole time until mother nature decided to end the show before Jeff Mangum was ready. What started as a tiny drizzle turned into a torrential downpour, and while it gave a kind of cool Woodstock vibe, they told us we had to rap it up and the crowd was SO annoying about it. Despite the great time I was having, I was so scared I was going to get smushed by people, so I wanted to get out ASAP Rocky. 

While the crowd was standing idly, I had a makeup smudge on my face and some girl licked me to help me out, while simultaneously complimenting my hair. It was exactly what I look for in a concert if you ask me!

Misha and I left, slightly disappointed that the concert ended short, however, we stopped at Wendy's to take advantage of their delicious dollar menu. While that year we might not have had enough to for truffle fries, we certainly had enough for a dollar burger, and I have to be honest, it was one of the best burgers I ever ate. 

It was an amazing summer day, and who knows what Misha and I might be able to afford this year!

Disposable Diaries: 1, 2, 3
Keep it sassy,


Dear Caelan, Advice for the in-love and confused

 Dear Pussycats,

While I am an expert at finishing an entire roll of oreos and not much else (let's be honest), It has come to my attention that you, my readers, are my sisters. And who gives better advice then sisters! So I thought it would be cute, if I introduce an advice series on my blog, where you ask me questions, and I ask someone else questions?

Since this of course is my first edition of this advice series, I'll pull from a question I got on tumblr a few moons ago.

Hey so, I think I'm falling in love with the guy that rejected my best friend and I don't know what to do. I think he likes me but even if he did my friend really liked him. If I were to ask him I worry it would ruin our friendship. He is kind of flirty. He called my cute, he jokes constantly about how we are the SAME person and how much we have in common. Ugh what does this mean???

Okay baby, I've taken a lot of time to think about this question, and I gotta be honest, you may or may not like my response. To be totally frank, this is one of those horrible situations where you are kinda fucked either way. This is the way I see it, either you make your friend sad, or you make yourself sad.

The "girl code" thing to do would be to just drop him like a pair of last-last-last season Galaxy-print, Jeffrey Campbell Lita's, because I really do think the platonic relationships we keep are some of the most important ones. HOWEVER, you can't live your life according to other peoples feelings always, sometimes it's important to be selfish and to pursue the things that would make you happy, even if it might hurt others.

I've truly been on both sides of this situation and it sucks either way. In an ideal world I would hope that your friend would understand that things with her and him weren't meant to be, and that she would be happy for you, but thats not always how people react. I also think while it might suck for your friend, she needs to learn that, especially when it comes to romance, people will do whatever they want to do, THE EMOJI HEART WANTS WHAT THE EMOJI HEART WANTS.

If I had a dollar every time I told a friend not to date someone, or a friend told me to not date someone and we ultimately ended up dating them, I would have a net-worth similar to a Kardashian.

It sucks because we think that in the reverse, we would want our friend to date the person, and we would be happy for them, but I of all people know that it's easier said than done. HOWEVER, I think learning to be happy for people, even if we aren't, is a really important skill to learn, that I still work on every day. When you are an insecure person, sometimes all you want is for people to be miserable just like you, but in hoping for other people's misery, we in-turn make ourselves more miserable.

SO, my advice to you A) find out if he actually does like you, B) make sure he isn't a total scrub and is actually worth potentially ruining you're friendship over and C) Make sure when you tell your friend what is up, you tell her very kindly and gingerly. It SUCKS being rejected by a boy, but if your friend is a good friend, she might be sad at first, but hopefully she'll get over it and be supportive of you and your new dreamy relationship. Honestly, if she isn't, she might not be the best friend in the first place, you feel me?

Also I don't know much about him, other than the fact that he tells you that you're cute (which I'm positive you are!!) and says you're the "same person," but I think he might like you! Try to spend time with him, see if he texts you or messages you first to talk, even if he doesn't have a reason to talk and lastly see if he angles his body towards you, if he makes a lot of direct eye contact and if he finds reason to touch you (not inappropriately obviously). Those are usually signs that they like you! (let me know if you want me to elaborate more on this subject).



Switching gears just a little bit, I thought I'd ask my newly married sister Devon some love advice.

Dear Devon, what are your 5 tips to a successful marriage/relationship?

1)1) Communication is Key… Find out the best way to communicate with your love. Some people are texters, others might not be. Whether it is by carrier pigeon, or good old-fashioned telephone call, you must figure out what works best for you and your bae.
2)   Time apart is always important… Even if you have found your Mr. Right and you can’t possible imagine even spending one moment apart, it is important to take time for yourself. Plan time to spend alone mano e mano. Go for a walk; take yourself out and do something fancy and fun! Because you deserve it! In the famous words of Ru Paul, “If you don’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else? Can I get an amen up in here?”
3)   It is okay to say NO!... In relationships it is totally healthy to say no to things. You won’t always agree with your partner or everything, and that’s just fine. Although relationships are about compromise to some extent, there is no need to be a yes man (or woman), Saying no and sticking to your guns is okay! Don’t ever lose your sense of self because of the want to appease your significant other.
4)   It is okay to step outside of your comfort zone sometimes… If my husband has taught me anything in the last 5 years, it is that it’s okay to step outside of your comfort zone. Sometimes it’s important to try new things to push yourself to do something you never thought you would or could. You might just discover that you are really good at something you never thought you would be. It is healthy to let loose sometimes! That being said, it is also important to listen to that little voice.
5)   Have Fun!... The one thing that I can say makes me feel like the luckiest girl every day, is the fun I find in doing the dumbest things with my husband. Going to Costco or Target turns into the most fun with Rob. Love is all about enjoying the mundane everyday tasks or errands you do with your partner. At the end of the day, relationships are meant to be fun. Enjoy spending time doing nothing with your honey. If you aren’t having fun anymore, it might be good to take a step back and re-evaluate your relationship.


Quality advice from my amazing sister, and I hope my advice helped too!

If you have any questions for me, feel free to write a comment or leave an anonymous post on my tumblr here

and please please please check out my sisters instagram @themoderndamessociety

This is my first advice post and please let me know if you like it and want to see more!



Disposable Diaries: Rockaway Beach + My Best Friend Elise

Dear Pussycats,

I have another mini disposable diaries for you all. Here are two sets of photos from my amazing summer last year.

I went to Rockaway beach with my friend Jacqueline and we had so much fun. We swapped stories, ate a huge picnic and dipped our toes in the beautiful atlantic. I have more photos from this event, but I think Jacqueline can attest that they were all awkward. So here are some scenic shots of the ocean for your viewing pleasure. The sand was as fine as powder sugar, and the sun was hotter than the devil. It was a beautiful day.

This is Elise. I may or may not have featured her on my blog a million moons ago, but this girl has been my best friend since 5th grade.

We met in our fifth grade class, and the story goes, she was afraid of me because she thought I would get her in trouble, she was not wrong with this idea.

She helped me pass 6th grade math, and I helped her be goofy. We were in every musical production at our school since middle school and we spent every new years together reeking what we thought was havoc on her tiny, gaited cul de sac. I love this girl because only I know about the Magic classes she took in 7th grade, and only she knows about all the times I would call and hang up on my 6th grade crush, *sigh* oh middle school.

Being the brave trail blazer that she is, she moved to the east coast after High School and I stayed home, however we kept in touch always.

Last summer I had the marvelous pleasure of spending an entire weekend with her and it seriously felt like no time has passed. I'm so incredibly proud of this girl, she moved all the way to Boston by herself and now she's killing it in Los Angeles and she is, to-this-day, the smartest cookie I know.

We squeezed into my tiny dorm bed and woke up to have a delicious Manhattan brunch, and a nice walk down the high-line. This girl is seriously one of my queens, and of course I never visited her when she was in school in Boston, and of course now she lives on the West Coast, but I know in my heart our paths will cross and we will live in the same city some day in the future. We've survived braces, box-highlights and breakups, and I'd like to think we have both blossomed into beautiful, bright babies bombshells.

And I know this last photo is not from my disposable camera, but it was taken that day and it was just too cute I had to include it. Especially considering that the other do were so dark (with modern technology we totally forget to use flash). 

To see my previous Disposable Diaries click here, and here 

Keep it sassy,