More than 280 Characters: part 1

It's funny – after a breakup, you lose a lot of things that are ultimately replaceable. Despite it feeling the opposite, you will one day find someone new to hug you after a 2 AM meltdown, someone better to split that huge pineapple pizza you ordered while high, and someone who actually volunteers to go to a zoom baby shower party with your coworkers.


You might encounter a day when you realize that you won't find another close person who shares one of the weird and particular niche interests that you shared with an ex.

And you're not even going to realize it until you find yourself majorly bummed that you don't have that ex in your life again for just like, 5 minutes to talk about this REALLY cool rare pair of Moschino sunglasses that have a built-in pencil holder that you found on Etsy...

...because y'all both really loved to talk about vintage glasses – he was an optician who lived in your building, and you used to work for a glasses company – glasses were actually the first thing you two talked about when you met on your roof day-drunk on the Fourth of July.

Despite the film-worthy meet-cute, it was not all fireworks and vintage Mykitas with the ~mysterious bearded guy on the 5th Floor~. Don't worry though – you could've been the optician, with how quickly you could SEE through his meaningless lies, lavish and semi-concerning financial decisions, and wishy-washy "libertarian" politics (YUCK!) during that very short torrid romance. The "mystery" of the bearded man on the 5th floor was solved, he was not the right person for you, and you leave the affair with two valuable lessons:

1. Some doors are better left closed forever. (email me at caelanmhughes@gmail.com if you want to share any niche interest/links with me instead)

2. Don't date people in your building – it's a really really terrible idea.