A Chocolate Covered, 14-day Build Up to the BEST DAY EVER!

“Mama, is today my birthday?” I remember asking my mother that question as a four-year-old with sad floppy pigtails and a permanent kool-aid mustache.

She got down on my level and shook her head, “no honey, it’s July, you have a long time to wait.”


I countered with “but wait, is tomorrow my birthday?”…It was safe to assume I was setting myself up for more disappointment… was she going to tell me the tooth fairy wasn’t real next?...smh.

As a small child, I had a really hard time understanding the days of the week, how to tie your shoes without two bunnies ears and the concept that your birthday is only one day a year.

I wanted every day to be my birthday, because who doesn’t want cake, attention and presents, EVERY SINGLE DAY.

And unlike the average bear, I have a beautiful, heart-filled, chocolate covered, fourteen-day build up to my favorite day. Not to mention that my special day ALWAYS falls on a three-day-weekend.

I mean, February 16th is the ultimate birthday.  I think everyone can agree that if their birthday was February 16th, they’d be a birthday person too.

I love the fact that our consumerist-driven society starts celebrating Valentines Day on January 2nd, because it means the lovey-dovey build-up to my birthday is only greater and longer.

I get so frustrated with anti-valentines day people, because I take personal offense that they are hating on my birthday month and my general style aesthetic. I’m also offended, because I am the human-personification of Valentines Day.

I know that technically Saint Valentine is the human personification of Valentines day, but hear me out, I commit my life to this shit.

I am a fan of snail mail, hearts are my favorite shape, I wear pink on the daily, talk about love constantly, and eat empty, sweet calories like it’s my day-job.

In a “chicken or the egg” type conundrum, I always wonder if the fact that my birthday is so close to Valentines day effects my love for it, which is reflected in my style and general disposition, or if it’s some sort of reverse. 

I’ve written over 30 Valentines Day related articles on this blog, and I can honestly say I’ve only been taken for two of those years. That means that my love of Valentines Day itself is greater than my love for a romantic partner.

What’s funny to me is that people paint Valentines Day to be this all-or-nothing sort of deal. Either you are in a Nicholas Sparks wet dream, or you are crying eating chocolate in your sweatpants, and I say, WHY CAN’T YOU HAVE BOTH?

I don’t see why you couldn’t wear sweatpants and cry with your boyfriend? Or take yourself on a solo horse-drawn carriage around Central Park!

Valentines Day has shitty stigma because people make it that way. You are not a loser if you don’t have a date, and you aren’t the hottest thing since Hot Pockets if you do have one!

My point here is that my love of Valentines Day and my birthday run deeper than my love of almost anything. And while you’re entitled to your own opinion about the holiday, I truly think there is something much worse than being single on valentines day, and that is, getting a papercut while making a valentine for your hot, married teacher.

I don't really know if this article has a clear point. But what I want is to ask you to join me in my celebration! Lets talk about things we love, love itself and our love of being sad, throughout this entire month!

Who is with me?



My Missed Connection Misconnection

Photo Credit: Mickey Chane

Dear Pussycats,

Ever since I watched You’ve Got Mail as a young, chubby-cheeked child, I’ve been obsessed with the idea of falling in love online. My adolescent years were filled with doodles and daydreams about what existed outside of my tiny town, and more importantly, what lay beyond my screen.

I’ll never forget the first time I received an unsolicited dick pic; it was on MySpace. I was 13 and I cried, deleted my account, and looked over my shoulder constantly for about a week. The picture was just porno-spam, but my tween-self hadn’t yet learned the rules of the Internet.

By the time I was 16, I felt properly prepared for love (and penises). I turned my boy-crazy attention from MySpace, to better social media platforms, but the real dirt was always on Craigslist.

There’s something so beautifully transparent about looking for love on a website that’s also used to peddle stolen car parts, sell your mother-in-law’s purple crushed velvet couch, and of course, solicit a quick blowjob in the Pizza Hut parking lot.

But one magical day I saw it on Craigslist Missed Connections.

“I saw you driving down Beretania Street in a beige station wagon. You have orange hair, and you were singing really loudly to Third-Eye-Blind in your car - it made me smile.”

Hold the phone…THAT WAS ME.

I felt like I had hit the secret admirer jackpot! I transformed into the heart-eyes emoji, I started sweating in not-cute places, and my cheeks burned with embarrassment that the future love of my life already knows that I not-so-secretly love Third Eye Blind.

I hopped onto my email and quickly sent him a message to tell him how happy his post made me.

I imagined this surreal love affair. I would be the Manic Pixie Dream Girl that would enter this sad schmuck’s life. I would teach him how to live again. I would dress colorfully, say things like “Carpe freaking diem, man” and we’d talk about philosophy at wacky locations like carnivals or bowling alleys.

We’d be perfect and I would never again have to worry about the pimply, awkward boys that previously occupied my thoughts.

I eagerly refreshed my email until one day I heard the chime, “You’ve got mail!”

“Hey, glad to have made your day!”

…That was it?

After building up this mystery man to be my Joseph Gordon Levitt dream-dude, he wrote me off like I was just some girl singing in my car…doesn’t he understand how destiny works?

I hadn’t been this crushed over a boy since I got dumped by my boyfriend of one-month at Burger King. But I learned a valuable lesson about looking for love in all the wrong places.

I hung my head low, and swore to myself on that very day, that I would never look for love online, ever again…  

…That is, until 5 years later when I was introduced to Tinder. Now I spend my days, hunting for love through strangers online and being bombarded by unsolicited penises yet again.

What are your thoughts on Craigslist Missed connections?
Are you all ready for February, I know I am!


Looking for Submissions + Contributors!

Dear Pussycats,

I've been beating myself up a lot lately because of my lack of content on this blog, and my lack of content to create.

I felt like I hit a wall. But you know what? It's okay! I'm only human, and it's okay to take some time off and to ask for some help!

I had an amazing brainstorming session with my AMAZING friend Candy about what I want to do with my blog and we came up with a few ideas.

1) I think I need to take a little bit of time off - nothing crazy, probably just the rest of the the month. But I want to take some time to actually write a bunch of stuff so that you can start expecting more regular content!

2) I WANT CONTRIBUTORS! I love the idea of having regular contributors, maybe just a handful of people that also love to write about their feelings and things they love as much as I do!
I can't choose everyone, but if you're interested please contact me through the button on the side of this blog.
Include your name, age, favorite pastry and a 500-word writing sample!

3) V-day submissions
If you don't think you can handle regular monthly contributions, but are interested in celebrating my FAVORITE holiday with me next month, please feel free to contact me with an idea and we can brainstorm!

Thats all for now, pussycats! Thanks for being so patient with me throughout my whole 5 years of blogging!

See you next month pussycats!


Disposable Diaries: Jenny Lewis Fall '14

Dear Pussycats,

For this #DisposableDiary entry, I need to tell you about my most religious experience ever - the time I saw Jenny Lewis live.

I first encountered Jenny Lewis in the film Troop Beverly Hills, which, lets be real is TOTAL aesthetic goals. Not only was I a Daisy (didn't quite make it to Girl Scout) but also I share a deep love of uniform inspired fashion, cookies, and of course, diamonds! This movie was such #goals for me as a small child, and to this day I look to this film for fashion inspo, guidance and strength when the going gets super tough.

Then, during my 90's-revival, Pacific North West-Indie band phase of high school, I discovered Rilo Kiley.

I was listening to a mix-tape my internet pen-pal Kimberly made me while driving home in my mothers, old, beige, station wagon after seeing a friend. I was cutting through the Ko'olau mountains, and it was one of those afternoons where it had just rained and the clouds hung so low it felt like I was driving through them. Through these puffy clouds were pierced with streams of light and the beginning of "Arms Out Stretched" began, and everything changed for me.

Rilo Kiley's music saved my life in more way thanks one. In fact, I wrote an article all about how much they've saved me on this very blog in 2013, click here. Rilo Kiley and Jenny Lewis's music has been the soundtrack throughout my life since first discovery.

16-year-old day-dreamer Caelan never thought she would ever move to New York, or would have maintained this blog for 5 years, or would ever see Jenny Lewis live. But 21-year-old Caelan made it happen.

My amazing friend Misha extended the invite and I of course said, "HECK YES." Misha and I scurried after work, wearing our ginormous rabbit fur coats, big hats, and huge beers in hand...we were ready.

We bought matching sparkly, gold "Voyager" necklaces from the merch booth and busted our way into the front row. Misha has this amazing way of cutting through a crowd, and surely enough we were front and center.

The crowd was annoying and didn't seem to want to put up with Misha and my dancing, but who cares! Our goddess was right in front of us!!

Her firry locks were as shiny as I imagined and her voice was even more than I could've ever imagined.

She played every song that I blasted in my teen bedroom, songs that I listened to while I was getting my wisdom teeth removed, and every song off my NY subway playlist. I was overwhelmed with nostalgia, but it was also one of the most present moments of my life.

Seeing Jenny Lewis live was one of the first nights in New York that I really felt like I belonged here. And to vibe and connect with my ultimate queen and one of my dearest friends was a euphoric experience.

Misha and I danced and cried and gave no fucks about the total squares behind us. We gave into the music and into the night and it felt so liberating.

And pussycats, I have the opportunity to see this babe in concert again on February 4th! Also all these photos are from Misha!

Have you ever had a concert experience like this?
More importantly, have you ever seen Jenny Lewis in concert?

Keep it sassy,



Dear Pussycats,

Boy oh boy, have I got updates for you! If you've been following me for as long as this blog has been around you know that EVERY YEAR, I post a New Years resolution video!

Well I filmed one last year, but never got around to uploading it till now, and I caught up by making my 2016 one as well!

Here are my 2015 resolutions:

Oh man, was 2015 a whirlwind. I had three different internships, one consistent boyfriend, and I've still survived living in Brooklyn! It was insane, but my biggest regret by far was not making time for this blog!

Starting 2016, I wanna make a change. I want to invest time in this blog again and be the girl I want to be!

Here are my 2016 resolutions:

I'm so looking forward to this year, I swear all the numbers look so good.
Have I mentioned that this year my birthday will be 2/16/2016!!!

ALSO. As mentioned in my last post, HimeHime released his music video for "Bad Dates" and you ABSOLUTELY need to check it out...I mean you're already reading this, just press play.

Tell me down below, what are your favorite fruits AND what are your New Years Resolutions!

Can't wait to see what else 2016 has in store for me and for us here on this blog!
Don't forget,
Keep it Sassy,


Streaming Consciousness: An Interview with HimeHime

Dear Pussycats,

Rarely do I come across an artist where all I think is "YES!" when I hear their music for the first time. But recently I have, and I'm so happy I did. Lovely readers, may I introduce you to my favorite new artist, HimeHime and his newest album Cancer (available on spotify and embedded the bottom of this post!).

His sounds reminds me of what I imagine my iPhone's dreams sound like (if my iPhone had dreams, of course). It's magical, melodic and a little bit melancholy, aka and the perfect music for any sort of rainy day commute, or day spent thinking while lying down, starring at your ceiling fan.

With a song that secretly samples Mariah Carey, and another one titled, "Nails Emoji," Cancer should definitely intrigue you.

But what keeps you hooked throughout the entirety of this album are the intricate and delicate layered sounds and effects, and the emotional density that is conveyed effortlessly in each song. Thus lending this album to be the perfect soundtrack to your own internal dialogue... I only wish I discovered HimeHime sooner.

I was lucky enough to score an interview with not only the darling genius himself, Mackenzie, but also his Manager/Artistic Director, a DailySass favorite (former contributor AND #WCW), Anissa!

Onto Mackenzie's questions ~

1) Where do you hail from?
I grew up in Lake Stevens, Washington, but I moved to Seattle for school and I have been residing here for about 4 years now.

2) What was the first or most iconic song on your Myspace profile?
Helena by My Chemical Romance. I still have the music video stuck in my head after all these years. 
(umm..hi, Caelan again, this answer is everything, I'm officially in love!...okay back to the interview!)

3) Where does the name "HimeHime" come from?
The name HimeHime comes from a duo project I was working on. "Hime" means princess in Japanese (hee-meh hee-meh ) which was derived from Princess Mononoke, where she is called "Hime" in the movie. Since it was a duo, I thought "HimeHime" worked, and even though it's just me now, I kept the name.

3) Favorite pizza topping?
I’m a spicy sausage type of guy ;)

Photo Credit: Noorsalam Ibrahim

4) What are you currently studying?
I studied Economics in College and graduated this year. In terms of my personal life, I’ve been studying a lot of synth design. I’m trying to become a master at this synth program called Massive.

5) What inspired this album?
This album was inspired by graduating college and the death of my grandparents. Both of them were diagnosed with Cancer and passed away. Their deaths and my graduation represented a chapter closing in my life and the album was the best way I could express my pain/fear/anxiety. 

6) What's one secret from the making of this album?
If you listen to the track Anxiety, the vocal sample I use is Mariah Carey’s “Touch my Body” chopped up. 
(Now you have to listen to this track, Mariah! Are you serious!?!!)

7) What piece from the album are you most proud of?
I’m most proud of the last track “Living You.” My distributor misspelled the album “Missing You” on Spotify. This is the longest track I have ever made and it took me 3 months to make.

Photo Credit: Noorsalam Ibrahim
8 ) Tell us about your music video for Bad Dates? What was the initial idea behind it?
The initial idea came from wanting to make something with a colorful pallet design. We drew inspiration from a lot of various music videos which played with smoke and lighting. The song was inspired by bad dates, bad relationships, reading a lot of Mira Gonzalez and being depressed.

9) Where can we find your music and you on social media?
You can find all my music free at  himehime.bandcamp.com, soundcloud.com/himehime, Spotify, or my tumblr himehimemusic.tumblr.com.  I also have a twitter/instagram which I post really bizarre absurdist humor on @himehimemusic.

10) Favorite fruit? (If you don't understand this question, watch the music video for Bad Dates)

Now onto the questions for Anissa ~

1) When did you two meet?
We meet over the summer! Which was not long ago actually, like roughly around mid-June through a mutual friend.

2)What is your favorite song off the album?
Hmmm, my top two are Exit and Arrival and Unemployment (Interlude).

3) What inspired the music video for "Bad Dates"?
I can’t exactly remember what I was watching or thinking about at that time, but for whatever reason I wanted to make a video that has to do with fruits and slow motion, I just wanted it to be very very messy.

Photo Credit: Noorsalam Ibrahim
4) Favorite behind the scenes moment?
Hmmmm, that’s tough! The whole filming process was so much fun, but I guess my favorite part is when I’m actually surprised and blown away by the cast, in relate to their actions with the fruit I have given them. I didn’t really direct them that much, I just told them to “go crazy with the fruit,” and some of them did such an excellent job squishing and doing weird things with it hahaha. Also the moment when you wrap up the shoot, always my favorite part.

5) Favorite fruit?
I love a lot of fruits, but my top 5 will be:
1. Any berries, really, I love them all.
2. Pineapple
3. Mango
4. Peach
5. Pear
(Isn't she the best?)

Since you've made it this far, it would be insane not to give this album a listen. I can honestly tell you that you won't regret it! It's hard to pick a favorite because they are make me feel all sorts of feelings, but I'll go ahead and say "Bad Dates" and "Missing You" stand out to me in particular!

Which song is your favorite?

Also on a scale of 1 - 10, how bad do you wanna go on a fruit date with Mackenzie and have Anissa artistically direct your life? It would be beautiful :)

Keep it Sassy,


Disposable Diaries: Hawaii '14

Dear Pussycats, 

I absolutely love this series. It's so perplexing to me that I've been documenting my life via disposable cameras for over two years now, and I'm still only discussing September of 2014 on this blog. This post in particular is about my mini trip back home last summer.

To this day, I think my decision to uproot and move to New York was one of the most naive and stubborn things I've ever done. I really put a lot of my personal relationships and my finances in jeopardy over "my dream," which lately has been feeling as distant as it felt when I was day-dreaming in Honolulu. 

Every time I'm feeling melancholy (which is often, lets be honest), I remember that I moved here, I did the damn thing and that I'm a lot stronger than I give myself credit for. 

These photos are from a quick four-day trip home, on what was supposed to be my return ticket after my summer interning at Bust Magazine. 

I tried to schedule as much time with friends and family as I could in the span of four days. I also tried to schedule as much delicious food as possible. 

Here I am with my brother in law Rob and my seastar Devon. And the second photo is with one of my dearest friends, Sharice. 

Sharice and I met while working at Betsey Johnson together, She was my manager and I was at the bottom of the totem pole, but our love of fancy dresses and our long list of inside jokes has bonded us to this day. 

Then, of course I had to stop at Leonards to get a malasada. God, I think about these and I want to cry. There is nothing more delicious in the entire world than a leonards malasada. 

Quality car-selfies with Kelsey.

Then, quality cat-selfies with Kelsey. 

Then I met up with one of my sweetest friends, Sofi. When Sofi and my eyes locked during a journalism class during our first semester of college, we knew we were going to be life-long friends. I miss this girl so much. 

Then there is Jhune! Ugh I hate this photo of me so much, but I love her even more so I guess I have to post it. Jhune is another one of my soul mates. We support each other and are here for each other all day long. I'm also completely in friend-love with her and I hope we're friends until we're really old and wrinkly and eating chicken adobe while listening to Fetty Wap.

Man, writing this post and going back down memory lane, I can't help but think, "what the hell was I thinking leaving in the first place?" 

Maybe I'm in a weird head space, but living in New York for over a year and a half has changed me. I'm not the bright-eyed dreamer anymore, I'm depressed, my dreams of writing have been squashed, and despite having a sweet boyfriend, I desperately need more friends. 

The good news is, it was my enthusiasm and tenacity that got me here and has kept me here so far, so why wouldn't those two things bring me the life-success I crave?

This year I want to document those things more, how to make friends when you're some place new! 

Have you ever had this kind of difficulty moving to a new place, even a year and a half later? Have you ever had a malasada? Let me know down below!

Keep it Sassy