14 Things I Learned From My Oldest Sister Devon

Hello Pussycats,

It's officially Leo season and one of my most favorite Leo's of all time HAPPENS to have a birthday today.

SO in honor of my gorgeous oldest sister Devon and her amazing birthday, I thought I'd compile a list of 14 things she has taught me over the years of our friendship and sisterhood. I'd be nowhere without her, she is a STAR. The list is not only a reminder for me about how much I've learned from her, but I'd also like to pass her wisdom forward for anyone who doesn't happen to have a big sister.

14 Things My Oldest Sister Has Taught Me:
  1. You can get away leaving the house without any eye makeup as long as you wear red lipstick and GINORMOUS sunglasses
  2. Juicy tracksuits will NEVER go out of style
  3. Elliot Smith RULES
  4. Cutting out toxic friendships, no matter how long the friendship was is NECESSARY
  6. The road to self-acceptance should be paved with tiny bikinis, travel sized bottles of malibu, overpriced beach towels, and NO FUCKS GIVEN.
  7. Sometimes you fall out of love with hobbies and interests, and that's okay!
  8. If you don't have a pair of brown cowboy boots in your closet, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?
  9. Just eat the damn donut
  10. It's okay to cry and to cry often. Cry when you're happy, cry when you're sad, sometimes you just need to.
  11. Even if you're 5 years apart in age, a mutual love of yodeling Cranberries songs will bring ANYONE together (even if one is an angsty teen and the other is an ANNOYING tween).
  12. If there is a clothing or makeup item that you love, buy 2...or 3 (or however many you will need for the nuclear holocaust).
  13. If you take care of the things you love (home, relationships, vintage clothing) they will last forever
  14. There are no blues that a long care drive can't cure (esp in her purple Toyota Tacoma).

I miss you all day, every day and wish I could celebrate this birthday with you (you'll be visiting me in NY soon enough).

Keep it sassy Devon!!

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