The EP Brie Larson Probably Wants Us To Forget

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When Brie Larson won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in Room, she stole America’s heart. And while it was her acting chops that got her the golden man, we were delightfully surprised to learn she can sing during her chill-inducing, beautiful cover of “Big Rock Candy Mountain.”

Being obsessed with Brie, as we all are, I scoured the Internet to find more music! Many long-term fans would already know she is a musical powerhouse from her cover of Metrics’ “Black Sheep” from 2010’s Scott Pilgrim Vs The World. Or you might’ve heard her sing a capella from one of her various, adorable interviews…

But most people may not know that our favorite indie darling released the most angsty, tweeny, (some might say) cheesy 2005 EP called Finally Out of P.E., which would make Hilary Duff run for her money.

Her music video for the single “She Said” features a lot of black eyeliner, a wind machine, a Napoleon Dynamite reference, side bangs, waaaay too many accessories, and the classic, cute-girl-destroys-everything music video cliché of the early 2000’s (I’m talking about you Kelly Clarkson’s “Since You Been Gone, P!nk’s “So What” and Ashley Simpson’s “La La”.)

And while it’s pretty devastating that Brie hasn’t made professional music in 11 years, it is pretty cool that we have access to this EP. With songs titled, “Invisible Girl,” “Ugly,” “Life After You,” and of course “Whatever,” Brie really got our 2005, tweenager vibes.

Her EP shows us that no one is an overnight success; we all have projects that may not have been as successful as we hoped, and that even Oscar winners were all once just teenagers who felt the feels, (I bet even Meryl Streep)!

And even though she hasn’t mentioned any plans of creating new music, she did tweet that she dreams of collaborating with Beyoncé in an album called Brie-yoncé. It’s safe to say that if it indeed ever happens, Brie-yoncé would break the Internet, and it’s my new favorite dream collab.

Did you love this EP as much as I did?

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