12 Questions I Need Answered!

Dear Pussycats,

I feel like blogs are supposed to be this thing where you give advice and are really certain about everything you're talking about. But in my early adulthood I've realized that I don't know anything about a lot of stuff, so here are a few questions I'd like answered and if any of you have advice, please send it my way.

1) How do I actually conceal the dark circles I've had under my eyes since I was born (I came out of the womb exhausted)?

2) How does anyone afford to live in Manhattan?

3) How does anyone make time to write or do something they love, work out and have a full time job?

4) How do I learn to love myself if I'm hyper paranoid that everyone low-key hates me?

5) Why does my FOMO make me so saaaaaad, when I don't even like doing things most times?

6) Does anyone else fall asleep to Netflix so they don't have to be alone with their sad-nighttime thoughts? Also does anyone watch specifically 30 Rock for this purpose?

7) Why does writing, the thing I love the most, give me SUCH anxiety sometimes?

8) How do I get Zayn to love me when I'm not Gigi Hadid?

9) Does anyone else feel like they have the anxiety of a perfectionist, but lacking any other perfectionist tendencies, i.e. being thorough and actually reading emails in their entirety?

10) Can you spell the words: expierence, throughough, and definetly on the first try?

11) How bad does a period stain have to be to throw out a pair of jeans that you bought three years ago but spent over $400 on? (I used to be bougie)

12) How do you make kale taste good?

Let me know if you have any answers to these questions!

Have a great night Pussycats

and PLEASE keep it sassy,


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