Spring Cleaning, Hawaii Dreaming!

Dear Pussycats,

Living in New York, I find it really difficult to make time for work and...well anything else! But instead of trying to accomplish a million things during my vacation week back home, I relaxed and prioritized the important stuff. I hung out with my momma, ate a lot of delicious food, watch a ton of Real Housewives and I cleaned my high school bedroom. 

Every morning as the early sunlight would trickle into my teen-girl bedroom, my mamma and I would come in, after a cup of coffee and some deep morning conversation of course, and get to work. 

With each binder full of random school stuff, itchy or XS sweaters, and every partner-less earring that I threw out, the better I felt. Going through each of these possessions that I once deemed as important, and throwing them out - filling up trash bag after trash bag with memories, momentos and mmgarbage, I felt like I was leaving my past behind and moving forward. 

In another effort of spring cleaning, I deleted my Facebook, and honestly, it was even more liberating than throwing out all the uncompleted diaries of mine. 

In some ways, this blog is sort of like one of those diaries that I would start and stop. But this one, I've actually sort of, committed to for 5 years now, which is pretty cool.

Now that I'm back in New York, with a full love-tank and about 15 new freckles on my face, I thought that I would be great to prioritize the things that matter to me again, and one of them, is blogging, and of course fashion.

Since I barely documented being back home, check out my instagram for my humble brag Hawaii photos. But for now, here is Brooklyn!

Some guys asked Mark and I if we wanted a photo together, to which I replied "no," lol. Also no shade Mama, but Mark is coming for you as my photographer extraordinare!

Outfit details: Coat: J.Crew, Dress: Fighting Eel, Hat: J.Crew, Purse: Rebecca Minkoff, Shoes: Sam Edleman 

And that is all for now folks!

Who is your favorite housewife? Let me know down below
and until then
Keep it sassy,

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