Dear Pussycats,

Boy oh boy, have I got updates for you! If you've been following me for as long as this blog has been around you know that EVERY YEAR, I post a New Years resolution video!

Well I filmed one last year, but never got around to uploading it till now, and I caught up by making my 2016 one as well!

Here are my 2015 resolutions:

Oh man, was 2015 a whirlwind. I had three different internships, one consistent boyfriend, and I've still survived living in Brooklyn! It was insane, but my biggest regret by far was not making time for this blog!

Starting 2016, I wanna make a change. I want to invest time in this blog again and be the girl I want to be!

Here are my 2016 resolutions:

I'm so looking forward to this year, I swear all the numbers look so good.
Have I mentioned that this year my birthday will be 2/16/2016!!!

ALSO. As mentioned in my last post, HimeHime released his music video for "Bad Dates" and you ABSOLUTELY need to check it out...I mean you're already reading this, just press play.

Tell me down below, what are your favorite fruits AND what are your New Years Resolutions!

Can't wait to see what else 2016 has in store for me and for us here on this blog!
Don't forget,
Keep it Sassy,

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