Disposable Diaries: Jenny Lewis Fall '14

Dear Pussycats,

For this #DisposableDiary entry, I need to tell you about my most religious experience ever - the time I saw Jenny Lewis live.

I first encountered Jenny Lewis in the film Troop Beverly Hills, which, lets be real is TOTAL aesthetic goals. Not only was I a Daisy (didn't quite make it to Girl Scout) but also I share a deep love of uniform inspired fashion, cookies, and of course, diamonds! This movie was such #goals for me as a small child, and to this day I look to this film for fashion inspo, guidance and strength when the going gets super tough.

Then, during my 90's-revival, Pacific North West-Indie band phase of high school, I discovered Rilo Kiley.

I was listening to a mix-tape my internet pen-pal Kimberly made me while driving home in my mothers, old, beige, station wagon after seeing a friend. I was cutting through the Ko'olau mountains, and it was one of those afternoons where it had just rained and the clouds hung so low it felt like I was driving through them. Through these puffy clouds were pierced with streams of light and the beginning of "Arms Out Stretched" began, and everything changed for me.

Rilo Kiley's music saved my life in more way thanks one. In fact, I wrote an article all about how much they've saved me on this very blog in 2013, click here. Rilo Kiley and Jenny Lewis's music has been the soundtrack throughout my life since first discovery.

16-year-old day-dreamer Caelan never thought she would ever move to New York, or would have maintained this blog for 5 years, or would ever see Jenny Lewis live. But 21-year-old Caelan made it happen.

My amazing friend Misha extended the invite and I of course said, "HECK YES." Misha and I scurried after work, wearing our ginormous rabbit fur coats, big hats, and huge beers in hand...we were ready.

We bought matching sparkly, gold "Voyager" necklaces from the merch booth and busted our way into the front row. Misha has this amazing way of cutting through a crowd, and surely enough we were front and center.

The crowd was annoying and didn't seem to want to put up with Misha and my dancing, but who cares! Our goddess was right in front of us!!

Her firry locks were as shiny as I imagined and her voice was even more than I could've ever imagined.

She played every song that I blasted in my teen bedroom, songs that I listened to while I was getting my wisdom teeth removed, and every song off my NY subway playlist. I was overwhelmed with nostalgia, but it was also one of the most present moments of my life.

Seeing Jenny Lewis live was one of the first nights in New York that I really felt like I belonged here. And to vibe and connect with my ultimate queen and one of my dearest friends was a euphoric experience.

Misha and I danced and cried and gave no fucks about the total squares behind us. We gave into the music and into the night and it felt so liberating.

And pussycats, I have the opportunity to see this babe in concert again on February 4th! Also all these photos are from Misha!

Have you ever had a concert experience like this?
More importantly, have you ever seen Jenny Lewis in concert?

Keep it sassy,

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