Disposable Diaries: Los Feliz Summer '14

Dear Pussycats,

Following my latest #DisposableDiaries segment (click here) this is another bunch from my first trip to Los Feliz to visit my darling sister Hayley. We saw the Griffith Observatory, then we spent some quality time walking around her neighborhood.

If you ever get a chance to go to LA, Los Feliz is the most dreamy, cutest little corner. We got two giant bottles of Perrier and caught up on all of our adventures from the past few months. If you didn't know, Hayley moved to LA February 2014, a few months before I moved NY. It's terribly hard being away from the people I love most, but making little trips like this make the whole thing worth it. 

The next day of my mini-vacation, we took a trip to downtown Hollywood to see the sights and to of course eat Inn-N-Out burger!

Here is the latest addition of Caelan-Looks-Longingly-at-her-Burger photos. Click here to view the rest

There is nothing I cherish more than my time with my sisters. Look forward to my minitrip to Hawaii last summer next week!Keep it sassy,xoxoxCaelan 

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