My BEST Halloween Costumes.

Dear Pussycats,

Two years ago, I curled up in my down comforter with a bag of fun-sized kit-kats, and wrote a think-piece about Halloween (click here). Now, please forgive 2013-Caelan for her rage and lack of commas (2015-Caelan went in and edited that post, and man, that was SCARY!), but I still agree with the original post, Halloween is "racist, sexist and uncreative."

I'm a little more forgiving on the "uncreative," part now, I must admit that it's crazy how when you move to New York, you become constantly exhausted. I give people a lot of credit for putting together elaborate Halloween costumes when they've got bills to pay, candy to eat, and scary movies to watch between their fingers!

Anyway, here is a list of some of my favorite costumes that I've put together throughout the years, and I'll even include my current Halloween costume at the very bottom!

1997 & 2010
"I like cheese and I'm a...HAPPY HALLOWEEN"

For my senior year in high school, I thought it would be fun to throw it back to my Kindergarten Halloween costume, (do you remember when recreating baby photos was SUPER cool in 2010 lol...just like flashmobs #oivey). 

That kindergarten I had one of my first embarrassing moments. Picture this, Halloween day, 1997, My teacher thought it would be a fun idea to film a halloween video for the parents. She went around the room with her camera and each of us were supposed to say "I'm a (fill in the blank), Happy Halloween," but while she went around the room, I knew I wanted to be creative, and unique, because *insert hair flip emoji*. 

By the time she aimed her camera at me I knew I wanted to say, "I like cheese, I'm a mouse, Happy Halloween!" because I wasn't like those other kids, I freestyled. However by the time she motioned for me to start, I started my sentence, and halfway through she told me to hurry up, I got scared and what resulted was a tiny Caelan with mouse ears saying, "I like cheese and I'm a...HAPPY HALLOWEEN!" To this day, I'm still embarrassed thinking about it. 

Poison Mermaid.

My first year of college, marked my first year of FREEDOM. I dyed my hair fire engine red, I moved into the dorms and I was ready to PARTY. We wore togas, we found the orange keystone light can, and one time I took a huge bong rip, and ended up crawling to my dorm room where I spent the rest of my afternoon vomiting uncontrollably, while listening to Lana Del Rey, and planning my will out in my head, because I was certain I was going to die. 

ANYWAY, that Halloween I not only rocked little mermaid vibes, but I also dressed up as Poison Ivy from the 90's Batman, because "THAT GIRL (me!) IS POISON." It was really fun playing both a good character and a bad one within two days, I let my freak flag fly high and I don't regret it for a second. Both of my costumes were constructed from 100% American Apparel products, and I would do it all over again. 

Witchy in Pink

2012 rolled around, and this was my year of PINK. After experimenting with different hair colors, I settled on pink, and rocked it for a solid 8 months. That being said, I knew I had to pick a pink-haired character for Halloween, in retrospect, Chibi Moon from Sailor Moon, or Pinky from Grease, would've been great options, but I think Princess Bubble Gum from Adventure Time did the trick nicely.

I was also so Halloween-obsessed that year that I made a spoopy DIY post showing you some crafts to make, ENJOY.



To this day, absolutely NOTHING beats Halloween 2013. What's funny is that I don't even think I went out that night, it was the last halloween I wasn't of age, but despite all that my sister Roldie (her real name is Hayley) and I would wake up super early every morning that week and came up with the BEST group costumes of all time. Click here to read the posts: Ghost World, The Royal Tenenbaums, Waynes World, and bask in our Halloween Glory.

The year of the LAME
This year I was so all over the place. And even though it was my first Halloween in NY, I dressed up as a cat. It's so boring, I'm not even going to post the picture, here is a link to my instagram post.


This Halloween season, I'm in a much better place than the year prior, I'm not working retail, I have better hours with my current job and it's time to actually enjoy the season! So far I've watched over 7 scary movies, I've eaten candy corn, those carmel apple lollipops, I've drank pumpkin beer, and I've even carved a pumpkin! Not to mention, I was lucky enough to be invited to join my current coworkers and their halloween costume for the Etsy Halloween Party! 

Even though my true Spice queen is Baby Spice, I can't deny the fact that my hair is red, and that I look really good in a union jack dress, so the Spice Girls were formed. We dance, we sang, and Baby Spice even threw lollipops into the crowd, ultimately leading us to win the title of "Best Group Costume"! WE DID IT!

And the fun doesn't stop there, I'm going out tonight to see some of my FAVORITE drag queens from Ru Pauls Drag Race. I will most likely reprise my role as Ginger Spice (because I paid $60 for my costume and it would be kinda cool to get more than 1 use out of it).

I hope this post was as fun for you as it was for me! And/or I hope it gave you some inspiration for your own costume! Please let me know down below what was your favorite costume you've ever worn?

Keep it Sassy,

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