Helen Gurley Brown Cured My Sophomore Slump

Dear Pussycats,

I thought once I graduated college I would officially be done with "sophomore slumps," but sitting here in my second year in New York - the feelings are back and sludgey-er than ever.

If you're unfamiliar, a "sophomore slump" (according to wikipedia) refers to "an instance in which a second, or sophomore effort fails to live up to the standards of the first effort."  Take for example, Alanis Morissette's album "Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie," Legally Blonde 2: Red, White and Blonde, and "Mother Lover" - but what happens when you feel this way about your life?

Sitting in my little cozy home in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, I feel weird. It's five parts antsy-anxiety, two parts lack-of-job-security, and ten parts crying-for-no-reason, but either way, it's just strange. I'm happy with my life on many levels, but I also feel like I have Little Mermaid syndrome, and "I want more!"

Have you ever felt like you worked hard to get yourself and your life to this certain place, and after you have everything you thought you wanted, you still feel short changed? 2014 was this HUGE year full of personal triumph for me, I moved to New York and I fought tooth and nail to "make it," so to say, and now that I should be getting settled and feeling content, I feel like I almost cant!

It's not to say that 2015 hasn't been a great year so far, it really has, but I guess going through such a traumatic, dramatic, and insanely rewarding freshman year, it sorta makes sense that I feel like this. Imagine how Frodo felt after a year after he dropped the ring into mount doom or whatever, I mean, can we all really believe that he was completely fine just chilling in the shire, whittling nose flutes and drinking butter beer again?

I'm no Lord of the Rings expert, but I am an expert on talking about how I feel, and I feel weird! I'm not as passionate about the things I once loved, my anxiety has been getting worse, and I've been out of touch with my emotions which is the worst feeling ever!

This sophomore year has been somewhere in between good, and meh, and frankly, I'm not okay with it! Sitting in my little nest, I thought to myself, "what would Helen Gurley Brown do?" and in true #HGB tradition, I thought I'd pick myself up by my bootstraps and start making this year worthwhile.

SO, here is my plan.

1) Take Classes - My sister Kelsey says that she's forever learning, and in my first year out of college, it's the time to get back into the books! I've started taking classes at this amazing place called the Brooklyn Brainery! The first one I took was all about iconic perfume, both smell and bottle design - I learned a bunch, met some really nice women, and am still on the quest for my perfect signature scent! I'll be taking a class about Jazz music next week, and one about Halloween, I'll be sure to let you know how it goes!

2) Crowdsource Advice -Recently I posted on Facebook asking for suggestions of what I should do in New York, and the feedback was overwhelming. I'm thinking about making a spreadsheet and checking off each exciting thing as I do it, it might be super helpful inspiration when it's SUPER cold outside.

3) Pen-paling - Helen Gurley Brown was all about writing letters, and I recently lucked out finding a ton of really cute stationery all for super cheap! Writing letters has been so fun, and hearing that I've made a few peoples days really cheers me up!! Remember, if you want a letter from me, click through to this post and enter your info in the google doc!

4) Read more - ugh I'm the worst at sticking to my resolution to read more, but maybe we could start a book club on this blog and talk the books we read? I've only read 1 this year and I'm ashamed! I think there is something so magical about escaping into a far off universe and lately I've been needing to escape.

5) Enjoy My Me-time - My sister Hayley told me that she wants her life to be full of champagne, German films and french fries, and I completely agree. I want my life to be full of clean sheets, face masks, Thai take out, watching horror movies between my fingers and quiet nights blogging. I need to take more time to enjoy my life, enjoy myself and relax. I'm really bad at relaxing, I hate that I'm one of those people that is constantly stressed, but I am. So, to cure my sophomore slump, I need to get into this year, and into myself! It's about time!

I hope these tips help someone else too! Lets all start shaking these sophomore slumps and living more like HGB would!

Let me know if you have any other suggestions for me!

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