#DisposableDiaries: Griffith Observatory Summer '14

Dear Pussycats,

This week as I stroll down memory lane in my latest #DisposableDiaries, I wanna show you the day I spent with my sister Hayley and her boyfriend Leo at the Griffith Observatory. This was the first time I ever visited this amazing place, and now it's become a yearly tradition!

Spending time with my sisters is my favorite thing in the entire world, I love it more than finding online coupons that apply to my purchases, or free donut day! I never thought moving to New York and leaving my family was going to be as difficult as it has been, but if anything, it makes me appreciate the time with my sister so much more.

Finding great friends is like finding great romantic partners...ie very difficult. I'm lucky because I was born with the three best friends that anyone could have! And even though it's hard living in separate places, at least this allows me to visit new places and have multiple mini-vacations every year!

Be prepared to see more fun pictures from my first visit to Los Feliz last summer!

Keep it sassy,

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