Disposable Diaries: Tucked inside Los Feliz Summer '14

Dear Pussycat,

Tucked in my little, cozy home in Bay Ridge Brooklyn, there is nothing I love more than getting all nostalgic. I have books and books of photos and sharing them with you all is a huge source of joy into my life, so, onto the next #DisposableDiaries!

 These photos show off my first morning visiting my sister's apartment. I came to visit her during a time of major uncertainty in my life, and she sat me down, gave me yummy food and helped me get it together, girl.

I miss the mornings spent with my sister on a mini vacation. But in order to make up for our distance, we talk every day on our walks and drives to work! Be prepared to see more posts from this weekend with her coming up soon on this blog.

I hope you guys have a wonderful day,
Keep it sassy,

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