Denim Dream Days

Dear Pussycats,

I know summer is long gone, but I found this little outfit photoshoot I did when I was in Montauk on my SD card and I thought, why not post! 

I miss summer because my weekends were as sweet as lemonade and my future was as bright as my horrible spaghetti-strap sunburn lines. Fall forces you to be introspective about things, why are the leaves changing? Why am I freezing my ass off? What is a 401k? WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE? 

Also, I still don't understand daylight savings time. 

ugh...anyway here is one last post from summer...WAHHHH I'M SAD.

Mark took me to the dump at Montauk to show me the most beautiful view of all time. Yes, people, even the view by the dump in Montauk was gorgeous!

Then after picking up some iced coffee and a kite at the only 7/11 in town, we were ready for the beach!

Outfit Details: Sunglasses: Ray Ban / Button Up: J.Crew / Shorts: Kate Spade Saturday (RIP) / Swimsuit: Echo

After a quick dip in the water, we realized it was totally the perfect day to fly a kite! I put my visor sunglasses back on and I was ready to fly!

It was a lovely day, and as much as I love pumpkin spice lattes, I can't wait until summer 2016

P.S. Remember to be proud and brave!

Keep it sassy,

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