Music Crush Monday: JoJo

Dear Pussycats,

TODAY IS A HUGE DAY. Y'all know how much I love Jojo - you may or may not remember I wrote a #TBT post on her career from her #1 hit "Leave (Get Out)", to her days stuck in musical purgatory/a very messy legal chokehold, all the way up to her adorable Valentines Day EP #LOVEJO about a year ago click here.

But the kween is back and she is on FIRE. A little over a month ago Jojo launched three singles, appropriately titled her "Tringle" and you better believe I paid real money for it. Being a child in the "why should I pay for music anymore?" generation, I knew I owed it, not only to Jojo, but to my middle school self, to support Jojo and all of her musical endeavors, both financially and emotionally (I'm here for you girl).

And today, on September 28th, she launched a music video for her single off her tringle (I just like saying tringle) "When Love Hurts," and GIRL, it was not "too little too late" mmkkaaarrr.

She is swerving some eyebrow ring - chiffon cape - ombre silky hair goddess REALNESS.

I think my favorite thing about Jojo is that she really is as "real" as popstars get. She never tries to be anything she's not, her house on an episode of MTV Cribs was humble as hell, she could easily exploit many headlines to get her name in the press (ie her working relationship with Bill Cosby in the 90's), and she pokes SO much fun of herself on her instagram.

You know that Jojo got you through the hard times in middle school, all those evenings crying on the phone over a boy who called you "fugly," or that one time when your BFF got a pink Razor cellphone before you. Jojo was there for you and now it's time for you to be there for her!

Share this, share her music video and buy her tringle damnit!

Keep it sassy,

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