Montauk Magic! Outfit of the Summer

Dear Pussycats,

Now I know what you're thinking, "But Caelan, I thought you weren't going to do outfit posts on this blog anymore" and to that I must quote the greatest philosopher of our time, Justin Bieber and say "never say never," (he most definitely came up with that quote!) 

For awhile now I've been thinking about trying to reintroduce fashion into my blog because I've fallen back in love with it. So, I thought while in Montauk, why not! Besides the fact that I'm a HUGE fan of summer fashion, so might as well get in one of my favorite summer looks before summer is actually over, brb excuse my casual weeping.

This is my "Mark, stop taking my picture" face lol. 

Outfit details: Head scarf: Vintage / Sunglasses: Ray Ban Club Masters / Lipstick: Mac "Flat out Fabulous" / Romper: Diane Von Furstenberg's "Celeste" / Leather Bag: Vintage from Beacons closet

And can we talk about these ADORABLE shades my boyfriend got me from Urban Outfitters!  I can't find them anywhere on the site anymore but here is a link to find something very similar on Etsy!

And lastly here are some of my Beach ESSENTIALS. Beach beers (if you're of age, don't get any bad ideas kids) are so important, just make sure to hide them from the beach po-po! Then of course my watermelon glasses with UV protection, which pair perfectly with watermelon Hubba Bubba gum. I've very recently learned how to blow a bubble with bubblegum and I'm obsessed. Lastly, my Valfre phone case, because I carried this around all summer and I've gotten a million compliments on it, and I mean, what beats the heat better than a quenching box of boy tears?

Words cannot express how fun doing a post like this really is. I'm so happy to introduce fashion back into my life and my blog and I'm so excited to see what happens! I owe it to you guys and myself to keep blogging and so I will damnit!

Keep it sassy,

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