Disposable Diaries: Brunch with Alia

Dear Pussycats,

Here is another #disposablediaries for you, and this one is featuring my dear friend Alia. Alia and I met through our darling and oh so talented friend Annisa! Alia and Annisa live all the way in Seattle and our friendship has existed solely online until last summer. While I still haven't met Annisa (and I'm crying every day because of it!) I had the pleasure of meeting up with Alia last summer and my life has been changed ever since!

I had the pleasure of meeting this little baby up twice during her very brief stay in NY to have breakfast and chat and laugh and swap stories and just have a great time. I've never met a stranger that I've fallen obsessed with so quickly, but Alia has this warmth and confidence about her that makes everyone want to be her BFF. 

We drank delicious coffee and talked about feminism and art and stupid boys and it was just a really special time.

There is something so special and important about forming connections with powerful women. I hope I'm going to be friends with Alia for a long time because I can't wait to see what kind of good for the world this little firecracker is going to do!

Have you guys ever met up with an internet friend?

keep it sassy,

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