Soundtrack to my Sunday Night Alone

Dear Pussycats,

A few weeks ago I wrote a blogpost giving you the lowdown of what my "Home Alone" soundtrack sounds like (click here).  So I thought I'd give you guys another one, but instead, it's the soundtrack to my Sunday night alone.

Now, the drink of choice is Stella and the food of the evening was my first whack at vegan mexican food (which surprisingly wasn't whack!) and it's time to get crazy, and by crazy I mean try not to cry and maybe attempt to clean my room.

Do you ever just cry for no reason? Of course you do! You're not a robot or a frat boy (boys, don't forget you can cry too!)! But I find myself crying a lot just, because. I cry because of homesickness, I cry because of well-curated instagram induced FOMO, I cry because of Teen Mom 2 (those girls make me so sad, just get it together ladies!) and I cry just to cry sometimes (it burns calories, right?). Sunday nights can be nights to cry, nights to finish up homework, nights to finish relaxing before you start another work week, but however you spend it, Sunday nights are pretty magical.

However I must warn you, *disclaimer* don't combine this mood and this set-up (home alone on a Sunday night) with Blueberry Beer and Billy Holiday, it will make you WAY TOO SAD, (trust me hunty, I know).

Okay, onto the fun~

The first song to set our Sunday-night mood has to be "Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac. While you may be like my boyfriend (and half of the population) and have over-played this song for yourself, feel free to skip ahead. But for those who haven't, sit back, and let Fleetwood take you away. This song is the perfect vibe for a Sunday night alone, 1 beer in. It's not sad enough to get you swirling into the sad zone, but it's also not mocking your tetering sadness.

Then, when you feel like twirling around your room and not cleaning, I'd play song #2, "My Girls" by Animal Collective. I will not take credit for liking this cool song, my boyfriend made me a whole mix called, "Caelan Mix" (I like em clever lol) that has cute songs that he either thought that I should listen to or songs that reminded him of me. He's pretty good at the music curation thing and the being my boyfriend thing.

Another song that reminds me of making out with my BF or him giving me quiet hugs when I'm freaking out because of hormones is, "How Can You Really" by Foxygen. By now you should start snacking on something weird and or dancing around your kitchen!

Have you lighted your candles yet? GIRL WHAT ARE YOU DOING! Light those damn candles already! I'm currently lighting my Zayn Malik prayer candle and my limited edition Diane Von Furstenberg moon candle that smells like vanilla dreams. A song that pairs quite nicely with the aroma emitted from my candles is "California Nights" by Best Coast. 

Now, before we get too sleepy I want to play "Losing You" by Solange. This song is just the amount of dreamy and weird that I like in songs. Solange is SO underrated. I mean, I can't even imagine how hard it would be to have Beyonce as your big seastar. But, I mean, I have three amazing older sisters, and if they were to combine all their powers,  I'm sure they would surpass Queen Bey in a hairflip to the death.

BACK TO MY POINT, I will always root for Solange because not only did I love The Proud Family theme song, but us little seastars need to stick together!

Also, side tangent, I don't know if when you were playing pretend as a child you would pretend to be girl groups? Because my sisters and I would, and everything was fine when we played Spice Girls, but when Destiny's Child came onto the scene and turned from 4-person group to a 3-person group, I immediately felt left out. Devon was Beyonce, Kelsey was Kelly, Hayley was Michelle and they told me I could be Solange even though she wasn't in the band. And for that reason, and the whole Elevator incident, I'm adding a second Solange song to this playlist, "Lost on the Way Home ft. Solange" by Chromeo.

Next is a little diddy by my faves, Tame Impala, obviously I could try to be cool and find one of their obscure hits, but it's me, did you see my last playlist? It featured Kelly Clarkson okay? Don't come to me for that next level, underground shit. Come to me for bangers (both kinds) and mash (only the potato kind, not mashups, this aint 2008). I chose "The Less I know the Better."

I just found this song, right now while trying to curate my playlist, which is a perfect example of how prepared I am. Listen to "Light ft. Little Dragon" by ODESZA it has some really great harmonies, and you know how much I love harmonies. THIS SONG IS SUCH A BANGER. just do a me a favezies and listen already, okay? At this point you should most def be in your PJs, on your second vegan ice cream sandwich and take your makeup off like Mulan (you know we all do that!)

And you know I gotta feature my queen Robyn somewhere on this playlist. This song is called "Who Do You Love ft. Robyn" by an artist I never heard of prior, named Kindness. Well, kindness is my favorite quality in a person, and Robyn is my favorite quality you can add to a song, so this song is an A+ for me.

Then I gotta add a song everyone knows, "Thinkin' Bout You" by Frank Ocean. Because this song is pure sex and pure sadness, and that is a damn perfect combination if you ask me. I really hope that one day this playlist is listened to by a group of college freshman who are stoned and sitting in hazy a circle, melting into their floors and pretending that they didn't sign up for 8AM Monday morning classes lol.

Then there is "Magnifique" by Ratatat which c'est magnifique! I'm so proud of Ratatat for their new album, they are really killing it and for a very anticipated album, they did not disappoint.

So here you go, my full playlist enjoy even if it's Monday night!

Lastly, you should check out this song from a band called Medium Cool, which happened to be my boyfriends old band. He rules and his voice is dreamy.

So dance your butt off, or cry your eyes out, or hate watch the new Ninja Turtles movie, I don't care!
Just have a great night,
and keep it sassy,

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