Disposable Diaries: My last Day at BUST Magazine

Dear Pussycats,

Since I'm working my way through my photo albums and I'm about a year late, I thought it would be a perfect time to talk about my internship at BUST magazine, which occurred summer 2014.

Now before I begin, I need to explain something. I owe SO much to BUST magazine, without them, I never would have moved to New York when I did, without them I would never have had the confidence even attempt to try for my dream, finish school online, and try to make it in this tough, crazy city. I owe so much of my New York success to the ladies at BUST magazine, so if you're reading this, THANK YOU LADIES!!

I remember my first day like it was yesterday. It's so cute to think of how much of a baby I was, I had no clue if I should take the uptown or downtown train to get to midtown from SoHo, I had no clue that your monthly subway pass allows one swipe every 30 minutes, and I had no clue "Houston" street was pronounced not like the city, or lil miss Whitney, but like "How-ston"...HOW peculiar?!

The office was decorate with bright colors, past issues and featured a Hellokitty toaster and microwave.

All of the women worked quietly by themselves but when they interacted it was amazing seeing this female-power in action. They worked diplomatically and in a very organized matter. They encouraged the interns to work together to edit each other's work, and had us run errands, but never for coffee (which is EXTREMELY kind for New York internship standards).

I'll never forget the time I forgot to wear a bra and had to run a million errands on the hottest day of the summer, lol (boob sweat is the WORST). I'll never forget the goodbye parties thrown for every single intern on their last day, accompanied with delicious treats (and sometimes booze if you're over 21)! And I'll never forget feeling like I finally belonged to something great when I was sitting in a room full of women who were just as excited as I am about women's rights and shared a very similar ideology with me, it was an extremely powerful feeling.

I remember sifting through past issues while the sun illuminated the back room through these giant windows and secretly wishing I could be a cat and curl up to take a little nap (not that I didn't want to work that day).
This is the second magazine I've been part of the masthead, and any writer knows that is one of the best experiences ever!

Not to mention that I've made really great friends, who a year later I still hang out with!

So cheers to BUST Magazine and my time spent there! I learned about writing, friendship, female empowerment and most cliche, myself!

Keep it sassy,

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