Soundtrack to My Sniffley Day Home Alone.

Dear Pussycats,

Yesterday I was sick with a major case of the sniffles, and my boyfriend left me home alone in his apartment all day.

So I thought I’d come up with a soundtrack to that day. These are the songs that I sing to when no one is watching, songs that won't judge me if I blow my nose and my boogers are green, songs that perfectly pair with a cup of tea, and songs that fit in during the commercial breaks of my Ru Paul's Drag Race marathon.

"Dancing On My Own" by Robyn is the ANTHEM when you are home alone, because as the words say, you are dancing on your own, girl. And can we forget that great scene in the show Girls where Lena Dunham dances just because, this was me all day in between naps and soup of course.

Then we gotta go with a little Kelly Clarkson, because DUH. "Since You've Been Gone" is one of my karaoke staples, and while I may not be destroying my boyfriends apartment, cutting up all his clothes and dumping all of his expensive hair products in his sink, my mountain of tissues in his bedroom is pretty catastrophic. 

Nicki Minaj and Queen Bey always do the trick when I'm so sick and doing the opposite of feeling myself. 

And nothing says, "I'M SICK AND I'M GOING TO ENJOY MYSELF IN THIS APARTMENT ALONE DAMNIT" like a little bit of JoJo. Just yelling/singing this from the couch in-between blowing my nose and peeing every five minutes from all the tea I'm drinking, is all a girl needs to feel better from within first. 

Then we gotta get back to my other queens, we got a little bit of Britney, some more Kelly, and a little old school Lady Gaga. These songs go great when you're giving yourself a pedicure, because despite not having a stitch of makeup on and your hair resembling a haphazard donut on top of your head, you still wanna be cute. 

The night prior, I had this super crazy Nyquil dream that I met Drake. I already feel like I know him because of my entire childhood, early adolescence and teenage years watching Degrassi, but I had to include this song because of the whole "sweatpants, hair-tied chilling with no makeup on" line. If Drake thinks I look pretty like this, then so should my boyfriend when he greets me after work to a messy house and a crusty-nose girlfriend, mmkay.

Forget apples ladies, a little bit of Zendaya a day keeps the doctor away. 

Also Chicken soup and saltines pair brilliantly with young boys who sing songs about how beautiful you are. One Direction, and Jesse McCartney hit me in that sweet spot when I'm beginning to think that my nose is so stuffed that if I stop breathing through my mouth I could end my life right here. These boys give me hope to move forward and get better. And what says a fun sick day like almost killing ourselves and dancing in our underwear to all the music my boyfriend would veto!

Forget what Mark thinks, Cookie his cat loves my soundtrack! 

Also, pro-tip: buy breathe-right strips when you're sick, I think they are supposed to be used for snoring problems, but they totally open up your nasal passage and help you breathe!


I hope this playlist made you laugh, or helped you out next time you wanna listen to some music to cheer you up.

keep it sassy,

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