Disposable Diaries: Rockaway Beach + My Best Friend Elise

Dear Pussycats,

I have another mini disposable diaries for you all. Here are two sets of photos from my amazing summer last year.

I went to Rockaway beach with my friend Jacqueline and we had so much fun. We swapped stories, ate a huge picnic and dipped our toes in the beautiful atlantic. I have more photos from this event, but I think Jacqueline can attest that they were all awkward. So here are some scenic shots of the ocean for your viewing pleasure. The sand was as fine as powder sugar, and the sun was hotter than the devil. It was a beautiful day.

This is Elise. I may or may not have featured her on my blog a million moons ago, but this girl has been my best friend since 5th grade.

We met in our fifth grade class, and the story goes, she was afraid of me because she thought I would get her in trouble, she was not wrong with this idea.

She helped me pass 6th grade math, and I helped her be goofy. We were in every musical production at our school since middle school and we spent every new years together reeking what we thought was havoc on her tiny, gaited cul de sac. I love this girl because only I know about the Magic classes she took in 7th grade, and only she knows about all the times I would call and hang up on my 6th grade crush, *sigh* oh middle school.

Being the brave trail blazer that she is, she moved to the east coast after High School and I stayed home, however we kept in touch always.

Last summer I had the marvelous pleasure of spending an entire weekend with her and it seriously felt like no time has passed. I'm so incredibly proud of this girl, she moved all the way to Boston by herself and now she's killing it in Los Angeles and she is, to-this-day, the smartest cookie I know.

We squeezed into my tiny dorm bed and woke up to have a delicious Manhattan brunch, and a nice walk down the high-line. This girl is seriously one of my queens, and of course I never visited her when she was in school in Boston, and of course now she lives on the West Coast, but I know in my heart our paths will cross and we will live in the same city some day in the future. We've survived braces, box-highlights and breakups, and I'd like to think we have both blossomed into beautiful, bright babies bombshells.

And I know this last photo is not from my disposable camera, but it was taken that day and it was just too cute I had to include it. Especially considering that the other do were so dark (with modern technology we totally forget to use flash). 

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Keep it sassy,

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