Disposable Diaries: Neutral Milk Hotel in Prospect Park

Dear Pussycats,
Today I bring another Disposable Diaries for you all! Last summer I had the chance to see one of everyone's favorite bands NEUTRAL MILK HOTEL live! It was a beautiful summer day and Misha and I embarked on a journey. 

It was the three year anniversary of Amy Winehouse passing away, so Misha and I only thought it would be fitting to see some amazing live music. We donned our biggest hoop earrings, got totally lost in prospect park and practically melted like two tiny ice cream cones trying to find the venue but we made it.  
While waiting for the show to began, dabbing our foreheads with paper towels, we noticed the incredibly delicious food from the food trucks that surrounded us. From artisan double-decker burgers and truffle oil fries to the most delicious ice cream sandwiches we've ever seen, our mouths were watering for something delicious, however our empty wallets stopped all the fun. We gathered a few dollars, got the cheapest beer and stuck to resenting the people around us. 

When the show began I quickly learned that the frat guys behind me knew all the words to every song and I was actually the poser. Despite the good amount of time I spent as a tiny dreamer in high school playing In the Aeroplane Over the Sea on repeat, they are kind of one of those bands where you think you know the words, but you actually don't know them at all. 

Regardless, I had a great time dancing, shoving people, and truly enjoying this amazing band live. You aren't supposed to take photos, but y'all know how I am with rules, so I got a few snap shots and I'm so happy I did!

Jeff Mangum sounded even better than the records, and I just stood in awe of his incredible vocal range! Everyone was having a gay ole time until mother nature decided to end the show before Jeff Mangum was ready. What started as a tiny drizzle turned into a torrential downpour, and while it gave a kind of cool Woodstock vibe, they told us we had to rap it up and the crowd was SO annoying about it. Despite the great time I was having, I was so scared I was going to get smushed by people, so I wanted to get out ASAP Rocky. 

While the crowd was standing idly, I had a makeup smudge on my face and some girl licked me to help me out, while simultaneously complimenting my hair. It was exactly what I look for in a concert if you ask me!

Misha and I left, slightly disappointed that the concert ended short, however, we stopped at Wendy's to take advantage of their delicious dollar menu. While that year we might not have had enough to for truffle fries, we certainly had enough for a dollar burger, and I have to be honest, it was one of the best burgers I ever ate. 

It was an amazing summer day, and who knows what Misha and I might be able to afford this year!

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Keep it sassy,

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