Dear Pussycats,

One of the BEST nights of my life was my 21st birthday. My best friend Jhune completely set up the whole event, it include Stella on special, all of my favorite people in one room, and an incredible band called the Bougies. Now this was one of those super magical special nights where I drank, danced and even had the courage to run up on the stage and hug the lead singer because IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY AND I DID WHATEVER I PLEASED!

While a whole year and some change has happened, my love for the Bougies has not stopped, and has only grown stronger since Jhune first introduced me to them!

An Oahu-based Indie garage pop band, the Bougies have been making music and kicking ass since 2011. Apparently they just dove head first into making music picking up instruments and deciding "hey, lets do this music thing" and badda bing badda boom, one of my FAVORITE bands was born!

Today marks a very special day because today their new EP comes out! Since you are here and reading this, I'm sure you want to hear what they are all about, so I'll stop talking! Their music makes me feel like taking a slow drag of a cigarette while speeding down the windy Makapu'u drive at dusk! And let's be real Jordan has one of THE sexiest voices I've ever heard, he gives Julian Casablancas a run for his money imho!

If you are listening to this and tapping your toes, or dancing around your teen girl bedroom just like I am, and happened to live on Oahu, you should REALLY considering going to their release party TONIGHT at Manifest!!

Unfortunately I can't fly out when my favorite band has a release party, BUT,  if you are reading this and want to have a mini internet-release party with me tonight, I would so be into arranging a oovoo or tinychat party with booze and dancing? Let me know!

I think its really important to support the little guy, support local music, and as much as I love Queen Bey, I gotta say I have new music to occupy my long subway rides now!

Listen to the music, buy it on iTunes, share it if you love it, my favorite song is "Fancy B" what is yours?

Keep it sassy,

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