Christmas Wishlist!

Dear Pussycats,

I'm kind of the worst christmas-wish-list-maker ever. Can we talk about how cute and perfectly pinterest-y both Sophie and Jess's wishlists are on their blog? I feel like my blog is the sloppy, free-loading cousin that smells vaguely Doritos equivalent to their blogs - because it's not that I don't want things, I just havent thought about them till right now, and I'm no where near as organized as these babes.

HOWEVER. I can always think of things I need, although they might be vaguely boring and potentially unoriginal.

1) A Fjallraven Backpack: But the important specification is that it has to be able to fit my 17-inch Macbook pro. My scrub-self doesn't have any bags that fit my computer except the bag I was given from work, and now that thing is BEAT UP. I would gladly take a Herschel supply black backpack as well.

2) Tenga Iroha Yuki Massager: So believe it or not pussycats, but I don't own, nor have I ever owned a vibrator. I know, I know it's weird, but to be honest they seem so intimidating and scary and there are so many options it's really overwhelming! But I stumbled upon this adorable brand that makes these really cute, really unassuming, really quiet vibrators and I just have to have one. Also check out their commercial, it's totally my aesthetic, the vibrators look like something out of a Miyazaki film!

3) Grey American Apparel Fisherman Sweater: I want this for the sole reason that it's the sweater featured in One Direction's "You and I" music video, and I would tell all my friends that my boo Zayn gave it to me.

4) Zayn Malik Broach: Speaking of my boy Zayn...I need this

5) Be My Baby Banner: I need stuff for my walls, seriously you guys my walls are vaguely depressing and I need all the posters and banners that I can find!

6) A Screen Print of Honolulu: I miss home more often than I'd like to admit, and I find this screen print to be just beautiful! Also again, I NEED WALL STUFF GUYS!

7) Male Tears Mug: Because who wouldn't want to drink a huge cup of Male Tears every morning!

Other things I'd gladly take: books, bralettes, magazine subscriptions, any sort of blouses, heat-tech anything, hugs, lipstick,  Zayn Malik, hand written letters, smooches, any member of my family to hang out with me and one cuddle with my cat Netflix!

What is on your christmas wish list?
let me know down below~
Have a very merry christmas
please keep it sassy,
Sasssquatch aka Caelan

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