Christmas Music!

Dear Pussycats,
If you've been reading my blog for a long time, you'd know I don't really eff with Christmas music. This is in part to: 1) Working retail 3 christmas' in a row and being forced to listen to Christmas music on loop, 2) I don't like music that tells me how to feel, 3) My darling Christmas-Angel sister Hayley blasting Christmas music the day after Halloween since 99'.

HOWEVER, even I'm not a total Ebenezer Grinch and there is a small list of Christmas songs that I totally get down to.

1) Vince Guaraldi Trio - Christmas Time is Here 

This song with or without vocals is just pure goodness and pure christmas joy. Whether it's my unadulterated love with The Peanuts, or the fact that the instrumental version of this song was used for sad George Michael Bluth when he would walk away with his head sullen, this song is my FAVORITE around this time of year.

2) Dolly Parton - Hard Candy Christmas

I wrote an ENTIRE post on my blog about this song 2 years ago on my blog click here I like this song because it feels the Christmas-time sad feels that do exist.

3) Destiny's Child - 8 Days of Christmas

Because if Chloe shades, a diamond belly ring and a Destiny's Child reunion aren't on the top of your wishlist, I actually don't know what is. Even though this is more of a typical pop christmas song, anything is better with Beyonce, it's just fact. Also I'd gladly take Michelle Williams rock-hard abs for christmas too Santa, thank you!

4) Justin Bieber - Mistletoe

Oh I know, you hate me right now. But before Zayn Malik stole my heart with one loose strand of hair, I was a belieber. This song is so cute, randomly kinda rastafari sounding and it reminds me of my Freshman year of College and singing this with my dormmates wasted and it just being a stupid good time. This might've been my favorite Bieber because now former Beliebers and I are just looking at him very dissapointed. ALSO WHY HASN'T ONE DIRECTION COME OUT WITH A CHRISTMAS ALBUM YET!!! UGH!

5) Fall Out Boy - Yule Shoot Your Eye Out 

This is literally my FAVORITE Christmas song of all time at this point. I had a huge Fall Out Boy phase back in the day and I still love them so much to the day. I just love that this isn't just a sad Christmas song, but like an actively angry one. I had a really sad Christmas a few years back and this song really helped me get through it and I will always be thankful for Patrick Stump and his darling bandmates for creating this song. I love how witty the title is, I love how easy this song is to harmonize with, just yes yes all over with this song YES.

Well that's about the only songs I can handle other than some smooth jazz christmas. So enjoy! Also enjoy this video of the One Directions boys dancing really awkwardly to Michael Buble's "White Christmas"

Have a great day and wish me luck studying all day...ugh
Keep it sassy,
Sasssquatch aka Caelan

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