Falling in Love Everyday.

Dear Pussycats,
New York is a pretty romantical place, I don't know if it has to do with the illustrious dream of living here, this winter season approaching, the countless Romcom's that take place here or maybe it's just the fact that "This Will Be" by Natalie Cole is playing on loop in my head while I write this, but love is perpetually in the air in New York City, and I gotta be honest with you, I fall in love every single day here.

When I say "fall in love" I mean it. Every single day in New York I fall in love with one thing or another and call it cheesy or look at me like I'm one of those guys with a weird Japanese sex-doll but I can't help who and what I love, okay?

So I thought I make a list of a few things I've fallen in love with this week:

On Sunday I fell in love with Bloody Marys
I went on a lovely brunch and I had my first fancy-pants Bloody Mary. Naturally I always gravitate towards mimosas when choosing brunch-time alcohol. Mimosa's (orange juice and champagne) are sweet and delicious, and the thought of tomato juice and alcohol sounds about as appealing as a jetski ride with Mickey Rourke. My father described my Granny Betty's Bloody Marys as tasting like, a tin can, however after my first sip of my delicious Brooklyn artisanal Bloody Mary, I understood the appeal. The salty deliciousness paired with sweet brunch french toast goodness made for the loveliest combination.

On Monday I fell in love with Amazon Prime and it's speedy furniture delivery

Monday was spent with my roommate and I lounging around our living room waiting for my furniture to be delivered. Just as anticipated, both my new bed-frame and desk arrived quickly and that day. They were easy to assemble and instantly made my room finally feel like mine, despite how parisian I did feel sleeping on a mattress on the floor, I feel like a normal human now and normal is good.

On Tuesday I fell in love with a french bulldog named "Funyuns"
He had a crusty nose and wheezed like Lil Wayne, and while my actual tinder date with Funyuns owner did not end in love, my heart was left in that apartment in chinatown.

On Wednesday I fell in love with pumpkin shaped Reeses peanut-butter cups.
Because seasonal things always taste just a little bit better, amiright or?

On Thursday I fell in love with my city all over again
Reference my last blogpost. <3
On Friday I fell in love with a man on the subway
PC: DrawingNewYork
Jacqueline and I have an ongoing conversation about who we refer to as "subway boyfriends." Occasionally when I'm sitting on the R train with nothing to do but listen to Beyonce and play solitaire (the loneliest game there is) I look up from my Hello Kitty incased iPhone and I fall in love. This boyfriend however was particularly special. A week ago I was on the R train on my way to the movie, when I saw this really dreamy guy sitting near me. We kept making eye contact and smiling at each other, but I was too scared to say anything. As he got up to get off at his stop, he kept looking at me and after the subway doors opened and he got off, he looked through the window and I waved at him. He tried to signal me to come off, but HELLO BUDDY, I got places to be!

Then on friday, I SAW HIM AGAIN. He must live near me because we both got on at my stop and my heart started racing faster then the express D-train. I kept trying to avoid eye contact with him because he's dreamy and he makes me nervous. Also I was dressed up as a cat. I got off on 59th st and looked through the window but he didn't look back, my heart sunk like an anchor, "BYE SUBWAY BOYFRIEND", I thought. But then, at 36th st, he not only got on at my stop, but he sat RIGHT NEXT TO ME. We rode 15 stops together and I kept trying to look over without looking obvious, but I was still too scared to say anything (I know, I know, feminism, I should be empowered yadda yadda yadda) and while we never talked I gave him my best sparkley-eyes and mega-wat braces-for-four-years-perfect smile as I hopped off on Prince st. Next time I'll be a brave little toaster, I swear...or maybe not. I kinda love subway boyfriends being just that, subway boyfriends, nothing more, because then I don't have to learn that we have nothing in common, or he's married, or thinks The Big Bang Theory is funny, he gets to remain perfect in my head and my dreams.

On Saturday I fell in love with Everything-Bagels with Strawberry Cream Cheese.
I know what you are thinking..."wat?" But believe me when I say, discovering everything-bagels with strawberry cream cheese may or may not be one of the best discoveries of my lifetime. My darling friend Misha recommended them to me with the explanation that they are the perfect amount of salty and sweet. I could not agree more. The super sweetness of the cream cheese delightfully balances the super saltiness of the everything bagel. Plus, the cute bagel place on my way to my subway stop, appropriately called "Bake Ridge Bagels," has neon-pink strawberry cream cheese that is totally my aesthetic.

On Sunday I fell in love with a dreamy doorman.
Now I don't know if it's the suit and tie, or maybe the stone-cold disposition, but I've always had a soft spot for doormen. We always have one at our store during the weekends due to high traffic and we've had the most colorful characters come in for the job. But, at 1 PM they have to take their break and in walks my boyfriend, for one hour to relieve them for their lunch break. It's creepy that I refer to this guy as my boyfriend, because we've had a total of 2 conversations. But omg guys, I'm totally blushed-face emojis for this guy. He's short, and cute and totally has Zayn Malik vibes. We talked about jobs and life and what we aspire to be, all while I'm pretending to space the racks and look like I'm working and gah!

I seriously feel like a 13-year-old when I see him. He didn't work on saturday and I had a customer for the majority of his hour on sunday so I never got a chance to be like, "WE SHOULD HANG OUT AND YOU SHOULD LOVE ME." But the beauty of this lovely man is that I will see him next Saturday. I wonder if I should leave him in the category of "subway boyfriends" and have him forever be a weekend treat to look forward too because I love the giddy feeling of having a crush.  I love thinking about this mysterious suit-clad man and what he does with his free time, if he thinks of me too, and I wonder if I will be woken up from the dream if I learn that he snores. BUT UGH HE'S SO DREEEEEAAAMMMYYYY I cannot you guys.

So see, my life may be a little more dreamboats and bagels then I've let on in the past week.
What are some things you guys have been loving this week?
And let me know if you like this sort of series, because I tell you, I fall in love every day.

Keep it sassy,
Sasssquatch aka Caelan

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