Red Hot Summer (Plus Video)

Bonjour Pussycats,
Same story, different day. I've been BUSY. But I've been collecting photos and gathering inspiration all over the place, and now that my internship has ended and I had currently a my mini vacation, I finally have time to catch you up on things! 

I mean, that's sorta it, I'm still working full time and I will begin an internship with BULLETT Media next, which I'm very excited for, but I can't help but still have major Jesse Spano feels when it comes to the litany of all the shit I have to do. 

As much as I want to dedicate time and effort to this blog you guys probably realize just how much of a busy bee I am and just how much of a commitment this is. However, on my days off (they are rare but they do exists, like unicorns!) I will make time to hang out with my dear bae Jacqueline and put on cute outfits and take photos and it is just gucci all over. SO I WILL FINALLY STOP TALKING.

Outfit Details: Top: American Apparel / Skirt: Topshop / Backpack: Vintage Feragamo / Boots: Topshop 

These photos are a bit old hense the red hair (RIP) and the summer clothes, but don't worry, new looks are on there way!

keep it sassy,

Also PS I made a vlog!

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