Let's Get Real.

Dear Pussycats,

I’ve decided it is time to be real with y’all. For all the years that I’ve had this blog I feel that, to a certain extant, I’ve tried to paint my life as something that isn’t, donning beautifully overpriced clothes that leave you to think, “How can Caelan even afford that” to briefly bringing up boyfriends and lovers only to never mention them again, resulting in even more confusion, I haven't been totally honest with you.

I’ve come to a point where I’m just sick of it, I’m sick of the mirage, I’m sick of the pressure I felt to be perfect and have my life seem a certain way, and I’m ready to do something new. I don’t want to have just a fashion blog anymore, to be frank I’m kind of tired of fashion and not really interested in it. While that may come across as a shock to you and have you wondering if I’ve traded in my designer threads for pajama jeans, I will tell you right now that that is NOT the case (despite my affinity for As-Seen-On-Tv products).

However, I am tired of the fashion industry. Re-entering the retail world has completely reminded me of why I left it in the first place. I hate the industry. I think that it is very flawed and frankly, I don’t have the money to be buying anything new anymore anyway.

Moving to New York I’ve been completely shocked to learn that people here are a lot more superficial than I imagined. And I don’t mean to come across with a “she wears short-skirts I wear t-shirts” hair-flip-emoji type attitude, but I will say that I’ve been really rejecting the notion that your money and clothing are direct representations of what kind of person you are, because they aren’t. 
What you chose to watch on Netflix is a direct representation of what kind of person you are. Who your favorite member of One Direction is, is a direct representation of who you are (Nial fans I’m talking to you, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!?!) And what type of schmear you put on your bagel is a direct representation of who you are, not what you wear. This is why I’d rather use this platform and audience to write about my feelings as a millennial and a young womany-girl type person.

As Britney Spears once explained, I’m not a girl, not yet a woman and right now I’ve been given a time – a moment that is mine, to share everything I’ve been going through while living on my own in New York City for the first time with y’all, subjects will include: love, sex, living on my own, internships, and anything I effing feel like. I hope you appreciate it and let me know if you have any things you'd like me to talk about.  

Sasssquatch aka Caelan

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