In my series where I catch you up on all I've written during my internship at BUST magazine so far, I couldn't possible not talk about how many music-related articles I've written. As you may know, music isn't my main steeze.

Of course I like music, but to be real, my music taste lies somewhere between Britney Spears' phases of being "not a girl" and "not yet a woman," you feel? Also I was always insecure about writing about music because I feared I didn't have the vocabulary to properly describe the audible deliciousness that is, my jams.

HOWEVER, I'm rather proud of just how many articles about music I've written and how much my music writing (I think) has improved.

Without further ado,

Alanis Morisette looking 40 and Fly in New Music Video. 
(fyi not my original title) This article was my first jab at a music related post, and I'm quite proud of it! Alanis, as mentioned in my last post, is one of my MAJOR queens. So given any opportunity to write about her, or her new limited edition vinyl, I will so totally take. While I'm slightly dissapointed that I never got a retweet or a tweetback, I just gonna assume that since Alanis is a mom and she must be too busy for me...I guess... *crying internally* click here

12 Female Celebrities and Their Music Careers That You Forgot About
While I'm not one for click-bait bullshit "journalistic" articles, this one is seriously one of my favorite pieces I've compiled. Enjoy

Alexz Johnson at Webster Hall BFF's for Life. 
As many long time DailySass readers know, I've been obsessed with Canadian Musician, Alexz Johnson, for a looooooong time now. And one of the best nights I've had in NYC so far was the night I saw her in concert. I wrote about it for BUST and she retweeted it and said she throughly enjoyed it, MY LIFE IS COMPLETE, GUYS! Click here

Taylor Momsen and the Pretty Reckless make Oasis Sound Pretty Good. 
Here is a lil post about Taylor Momsen's band, The Pretty Reckless, and their super good cover of Oasis' "Champagne Supernova" which didn't suck at all! Click here

Jenny Lewis, Anne Hathaway, Kristen Stewart and Brie Larson Prove They Are Just One of the Guys. 
This article actually needs no introduction. just click this link if you don't recognize these images and your life will be changed forever.

RIP Amy Winehouse, We'll Always Miss You.
This one was particularly difficult to write. I wrote about Amy Winehouses' passing on her three year anniversary and it was a very emotional day for me. Amy Winehouse has been one of my musical and style icons since I first heard her, and her death really upset me, and still upsets me to this day. Click here.

Girl Groups are BACK, Bringing Girl Power to 2014.
This article is all about the new faces of girl-group pop and the revival of the girl-group. FUCK YEAH GIRL POWER! Click here

Pe'ahi By The Raveonettes, Ominous Surf Rock, Yes Please.
This is my first album review, and I learned that it isn't as difficult to do as I thought! Plus I learned I have a new band that I will totally enjoy listening to when I go to the beach during bad weather! Click here

Jenny Lewis Will Take You on a Musical Voyage. 
My second major album review and it was another one of my queens!?! Could I even ask for more! I absolutely adore this new album and Jenny Lewis, I give this two big fat THUMBS UP. Click here

Hilary Duff Has a New Song and This is What Dreams Are Made Of,
The title actually says it all, enjoy!

Well that is A LOT of writing about music. Let me know which article was your favorite! Also feel free to leave some musical suggestions that you think I would ADORE!

Have a great day,
Please keep it sassy,

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