As I've mentioned a few times before, I am currently interning at BUST magazine as an editorial intern. My internship entails several different duties, but unlike most poo-poo internships that consist of coffee run after coffee run, I actually get to do what I'm passionate about, write. 

I've written a wide variety of articles ranging from Jenny Lewis' latest album to a taste review of olive-oil flavored ice cream. So today, on Dailysass, I thought I'd categorize a few of the posts I've written so far into themed posts, and it would mean the world to me if you checked some of them out! Today's theme is FASHION, enjoy!

A detailed list of 10 absurd Hello Kitty products that you absolutely need, which I think is a bit self-explanatory. CLICK HERE to check it out. This was my first BUST post ever! Awwww

Then I wrote an article all about America's Next Top Model contestant Winnie Harlow, who has vitiligo  and is absolutely an adorable inspiration to all of us. CLICK HERE to read about her bad-ass-ness.

And of course, with the deeply tragic news of fashion brand Juicy Couture filing for bankruptcy, I had to write a post lamenting my beloved juicy tracksuit. I know I've only been blogging here since 2010, but in 2005 I had a SERIOUS Juicy couture phase, part of which shaped me into the person I am today, click here to read more

This post was a response to another article written from an intern at BUST about J.Crew's introduction of the "000" size. I instead decided to talk about how J.Crew needs to stop vanity sizing and how there actually is a big need for the "000" but that maybe they should just use a different size name? Click here to read more

These are just 4 of the 35 articles I've written so far for BUST.com
I'll be posting more of these recap posts if you'd like to see them on Dailysass, until then next post will be some brand new content! 

keep it sassy,

Photo Credit: Me / Bust / Sanrio / Instagram / Ohnotheydidnt / Jcrew

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