Nice to Nice to Know You UH, Let's Do it Again.

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Saying goodbye is really hard.
I’ve been really distant on this blog lately because I’ve been having major life changes, as mentioned in my previous post. If my life were a television show, I just reached the season finale of University of Hawaii: Journalism Majors, and now I’m beginning the spin-off Caelan in the City, and frankly, I’m terrified.

On Sunday I donned a forest green cap and gown and moved my tassel from the right to the left with my beloved classmates of the last two years. To be honest, it made me way more emotional than I thought. To think that the school that I so badly did NOT want to attend, is now the institution that I’m lamenting and wishing to go back to is beyond mind-boggling.

The past three years I've had at this institution were stupid, crazy and mostly ridiculous; full of boring lectures, the phrase “C’s make degrees” and a lot of laughs shared with equal parts happiness and heartbreak. I had a jammed packed three years here and I do not regret a single moment (jk I would do a lot of things differently but that’s beside the point.)

At the beginning of my journalism program I thought all my classmates weren’t "my kind-of-weird" and therefore not worth my time to get to know them. I let an entire semester roll by being stubborn and stuck up and not wanting to talk to anyone, and I realized quickly I’ve never been more wrong about anything in my entire life.
For the three semesters that followed, we grew closer and closer, bonding over ridiculous assignments and frustrating teachers. 

Over that time I learned how each-and-every-one of my classmates is special, and talented in such different ways and I fell a little bit in love with all of them. Whether it was Manjari’s obsessions with manbuns (click here), Kim Clark and our Leslie Knope-Ann Perkins type love affair (we’re both tragically heterosexual), Taylor’s “kbai” accompanied with hand gesture, Leimale’s ability to be absolutely perfect in everything she did, Jordan and my time as producers with his perfect comedic timing (and eyelashes), Jen being our class mother/ Michael Jordan of the class and always having her shit together, Debbie being the most quiet in class but telling some of the most powerful stories I’ve ever seen, Tasha’s sass, Derek’s back-flip abilities, Averie’s insanity and mutual love of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Dakota and my twiningness, Maddie’s passionate LOVE for Disney and girl-talk, Bobby’s cold fingers and warm heart, Jimmy’s laugh and ability to make me smile even when I’m ridiculously pissed off at him, Sydney’s calm nature despite how insane the rest of us were,  Taryn with her Don impression and her free-spirited nature,  and of course, Peter, who is simply my favorite.

Saying goodbye to each of these people is hard, and sad, and I can’t help but be reminded of a post I wrote about my high school graduation (click here) and how I feel completely different now. It’s insane how I finally achieved this little family of classmates that I always wanted. When I looked around me on graduation day I saw my friends and classmates and thought about all the work we did and what we accomplished together and I was over-the-moon impressed and honored to know them.

For once in my educational career, I felt I belonged I to a tribe, of weirdos, lazy-asses and hard-workers, and I can’t tell you how good of a feeling that is. My sisters and I joke that the song “Let’s Do it Again” by artist J Boog is the unofficial anthem of the University of Hawai at Manoa, because who actually knows our alma matter? And because J Boog performed at the Aloha Bash at our school a few years ago. But it also is because it completely encapsulates the feeling that this school radiates and it’s lyrics, despite being about a one-night-stand, totally represent my feelings about this dumb ole school and the pals that I will always remember, “Nice to Nice to know ya let’s do it again.”

And even though I'm not leaving until next week sunday, several important people leave on trips right before me, leaving me feeling both sad to see them leave, and anxious to leave without them. With a tearful goodbye to a very sweet boy in the airport parking lot and looking back at my sweet mother waving goodbye out of the little house I've lived in for almost all my life, made my heart feels like it's caught in the undertow of a giant north shore wave, getting pummeled by the waves without any signs of letting up anytime soon.   

But it's time to grow up, and be a big girl, and make my dreams come true, no matter how scary it is. 

Also before I go, may a share a little story. Daniel Dae Kim of Lost and Hawaii 5-0 fame spoke at our ceremony. So my amazing sister Kelsey and I crafted this to wear atop my cap. I wore it and showed him and I got a hug and a Daniel Dae Kiss! My life and time at UH is complete.

I hope you have a great day
and please be patient with me until I'm in NYC

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