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Well Good Morning Pussycats,
You know someone is genuinely busy when they dont even have time to update their instagram, muchless their blog! I've been go-go-going all day, everyday, and it's true what the say about the city that never sleeps...it really never sleeps. I've been doing errands and preparing myself for my internship that starts next week GAH! But in the mean time I've been hanging out with lots of wonderful friends, one, in particular's name is Jacqueline.
Jacqueline (who is one of my friends that has about 250904904 nicknames) is a talented actress/writer who currently resides in New York, but our friendship began a long while ago. We met while she was still in Hawaii, and to be totally honest, we were both robbed of true friendship potential due to a boy and ridiculously dramatic circumstance.

However, I'm so happy to announce that Jacqueline and I have rekindled the friendship that was always supposed to be! Because it is never too late for friendship. Jackers has been like a sister to me, we've hung out every single day since I've been here! Her kindness, generosity and conversation-abilities warm my heart every single time we hang out. She's so funny and has such cute style and I'm just kicking myself that we weren't closer sooner.

Jacqueline has written for my blog a few times, read what she's written: HERE and HERE
Jacqueline's Outfit Details: Dress: Mink Pink / Boots: New Look / Bag: a gift / Lipcolor: Rimmel  

My Outfit Details: Dress: Betsey Johnson / Head tie: Betsey johnson / Glasses: Nordstrom / Jacket: Urban Outfitters / Shoes: Nordstrom

Grown -Up Tip of the Day: It is literally NEVER too late to rekindle a friendship. Whether you caused the rift, or it just fell apart naturally friendship is literally a phone call away.
This picture was taken in 2011, it's crazy to think how much both of us have changed in terms of people and hair styles, and my love of Harry Styles.

Okay well that's about it folks
keep it sassy,

ALSO OMG FORGOT TO MENTION! We totally saw Sophia Coppola on the subway. We both DIED.

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