WCW: Kelsey!

I met this little darling at #TVFU last october click here she was seriously a beacon of light through the beautiful insanity that was that weekend in New York. I kept seeing her throughout the events and she would give me the sweetest smile and I'd just think to myself "thank god I found my homegirl Kelsey." She was such a sweetheart, and sadly she's going back to her hometown of LA this summer, but I hope at the end of summer we'll get to meet up again in my favorite city New York! So without further ado meet KELSEY.
 CH: Who are you wearing?
KN: I'm wearing a Forever21 shift dress, Sammy Dress fur hooded jacket, Joules rain boots, Tory Burch bag and a LF beanie (I'm still learning the ropes of staying in style, rain edition).

CH: Spring Wardrobe Inspiration?
KN: Though it may not seem like it at the moment, Vanessa Hudgens is my total spring wardrobe inspiration right now. I mean, Coachella is right around the corner and I'll be jamming out, front-row via my computer screen. I'm absolutely in love with her bohemian, laid-back style and it's something I would definitely channel if only it wasn't Arendelle here in the city (Frozen reference for you Disney fans out there!) I'm also obsessed with Amy Pham's style from The Platform on Youtube click here who doubles as a DJ by night and a style expert by day. She's definitely convinced me to be a bit more adventurous with my looks!

CH: East Coast vs. West Coast?
KN: Team West Coast, obviously! My heart will always lie in Southern California, from prime weather to In N Out and the homeland of divine avocados. Though I also love living in NYC too, I'm just way too biased to ever consider myself a true New Yorker. I'm still adjusting after all!

CH: How was interviewing Miranda Kerr for NYLON magazine (she's an intern!)
KN: Interviewing Miranda Kerr for NYLON was an incredibly nerve-wrecking but rewarding experience! I'm so blessed to be able to say that I got to chat with one of my absolute favorite models as my first official interview. Miranda is even more stunning in person than she is online, and I'm sure I was WAY too enchanted by her beauty to even act remotely normal. Not only that, she was very sweet and I had a blast talking with her! CLICK HERE to watch it!

CH: Who is your #wcw
KN: Currently, my #wcw is Alexis Bledel, simply because I'm on a Gilmore Girls kick and I think she perfectly nails Rory Gilmore, the one fictional character we should all aspire to be, no questions asked.

CH: Where can we find you?
KN: You can check out my fashion blog, RunawayinLA.com, for outfit pics, awkward ramblings and poor college student adventures. I also tweet (probably too much) on Twitter at @RunawayinLA and profess my love for photo filters on my instagram @RunawayinLA. Otherwise, you can find me re-blogging Tom Hiddleston pictures on my tumblr at leopard-reverie.tumblr.com

CH: How do you keep it sassy?
KN: I guess I keep it sassy by just being myself! hahaha!

And that about does it! Remember this face, cause this little darling is going places!
Have a great wednesday and please keep it sassy!

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