#WCW: Elizabeth

Dear Pussycats,

I'm sorry I've been MIA lately. I have one of those awful, head-feels-like-it's-gonna-explode, throat-feels-like-sandpaper, it-hurts-to-sneeze type colds and finals are coming up; to say I've been a hotmess is an understatement. HOWEVER, I won't stop bringing you my bby girl of the week, aka my #wcw.

Now this weeks' #wcw is a very dear friend of mine. We met up for the first time during my amazing trip to New York last October, click here, and her curly hair and coven-like attire made me fall in friendship-love HARD. My love for this lioness has grown deeper every time I read something this girl writes, whether it's for SadGirlsGuide, NYU local, Dailysass (click here and here) or just her twitter, she makes me laugh, cry, and want to wear glitter-eyeliner. So without further ado, Elizabeth.

CH: *Joan Rivers Voice* Who are you wearing?:
ER: Dress and sweater from Free People, socks are Kate Spade and Frye Boots.

CH: What made you start writing?
ER: I actually started writing entirely out of spite because I'm a total brat. It's kind of embarrassing, buuut when I was in high school my little sister won national poetry awards at age 13 and I was soooo jealous that she was good at something so beautiful. I was kind of vocal about it because my brother had started to gain a lot of traction with his photography career and I was all like "I'm 15 and I'm not goot at anything I suck bla bla bla." My mom caught on and gave me a moleskin notebook with a note about how instead of obsessing over Hemingway's work I try to create something of my own. The moleskin was left in plastic packaging for a few months until one day when I just needed to write. After that I consistently 'journaled' and was on tumblr a lot and that led me to start a blog in 2012. I used that blog for a while and experimented with writing and playlists until the content got me opportunities to write for college-affiliated sites and other up and coming sites. I've gone through phases working with certain people, and now I have amazing positions at two great blogs. (Also, that personal blog has a new URL so no one can find it, but it still gets ~5 hits a day so if you know my blogspot, I am coming for you.)

CH: What are your spring style inspirations?
ER: I never have a consistent way of dressing myself, especially in the warmer weather because there's so much freedom. Moving back to Manhattan has gotten me to be a little more experimental with my style and I've been having a lot of fun with it. This spring my style is inspired by Mac Demarco's toddler skater look, Jigglypuff for being cute, pink and soft, Ophelia (The painting by Sir john Everett Millais -- she looks like a faerie nymph despite being dead and all), and Meredith Graves' (singer of Perfect Pussy) bad-ass personality.

CH: Best concert you've been too?
ER: Ugh, this is the worst question - It's so hard!! I've been to so many amazing concerts so currently it's a tie between Kanye West at Governor's Ball 2013, Arctic Monkeys at Webster Hall this past September and Miley Cyrus' Bangerz Tour a few weeks ago! Basically, I'm a 13-year-old girl. Still.

CH: Favorite Member of One Direction?
ER: Zayn is a beautiful angel man-child, but tbh once a Harry girl, Always a Harry Girl, (Ew, I actually wrote this I'm so sorry.)

CH: Who is your #wcw?
ER: My woman crush wednesday is Ilana Glazer of Broad City. I would to sum up all of the reasons why she is the funniest and most lovable lady, but all you really need is to watch her most recent segment of Chronic Gamer Girl. (Also she's an NYU alum ayyyye)

CH: Where can we find you?
ER: You can find me in Club Bobst lurking the Sad Girls Guide wordpress, deleting emails from my spinning studio while grooving to Ryan Hemsworth and self diagnosing myself on webMD (apparently I'm dying, who knew).
But like, you probably meant social media so:
Twitter: @elizabethhhnnh
Instagram: @b4throom4rt (my instagram game is hella crusty, but in a good way)
Tumblr: arterioles.tumblr.com
CH: How do you keep it sassy? 
ER: I keep it sassy with curls and glitter makeup and way too many foul words!! Also by dancing a lot and surrounding myself with the sassiest and smartest ladies of em all!!

And there you have it,
my #1 bbyluv of the week
go send her some love
and please keep it sassy,

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