#WCW: Annisa

Oh internet friends, do I have another treat for you or what! I have this very sweet friend, who doubles as a baby doll, and I not only want to shrink her down to hot pocket size and keep her in my pocket forever, but I also love the work she does. You may or may not remember her work on this blog itself here! I'm talking about today's #wcw Annisa, aka my sweet baby love.

I've been friends with this lovely for awhile now, we met on tumblr and the rest was history. SO, without further ado, ANNISA!

CH: *Joan Rivers voice* Who are you wearing?
AA: Cardigan: Zara / Cat Shirt: some brand from Target / Maxi Skirt: Thrifted / Scarf: Urban Outfitters / Shoes: Hush Puppies.....hahahah (thrifted) / Hat: Goorin Brothers (thrifted)

CH: What are your spring style inspirations?
AA: The color wheel! Mostly primary colors, I've been loving the whole red, blue and yellow palette. With additions of their complimentary colors every once in a while (also Seattle people play a big part inspiring my wardrobe).

CH: Favorite Wes Anderson movie?
AA: You're putting pressure on me with this question ahhaha. I love all of his movies but his new movie The Grand Budapest Hotel, has a special place in my heart -- I've seen it 4 times already since the movie came out. I personally feel his newest movie really shows his artistry at his finest, and it feels very mature to me in some ways. I also really like the great group of cast and characters, its a really huge cast but even the smallest role is memorable. The quirky and dark yet funny storyline with enchanting pink-purple scheme is just lovely. Wes just keeps growing as a better filmmaker slowly by each of his movies <3

CH: Best place you've traveled so far?
AA: Oh boy, it's hard to choose but most definitely Japan. I've been in love with Japan and Japanese culture--from food to everything pretty much--since grade 3 or 4ish? There's something magical about Japan, especially if you get out of the city or go to their shrines! They have their own color scheme in that country, and the people are friendly. 

CH: Who is your #wcw
AA: My #wcw is Zooey Deschanel! She's so adorbs, she's very quirky, cute and her voice is just adorable--I want to rock my bangs just like her.
Plus Ms. Dailysass <3

CH: Where can we find you?
AA: Seattle, if you want to meet me in person hahaha. Other than that, feel free to find me on my
tumblr: illume-dusk.tumblr.com
instagram: @annisamalia
*sorry if it gets confusing between the double N or double S, a bit of a long story

CH: How do you keep it sassy?
AA: Confidence and self-respect! And just be yourself really. Doing things that I love keep my sassy too or bake pretty cakes and desserts, if that counts + red lipstick

Well I hope this cupcake cheered your day up as much as she did mine! I hope you check out her links, check out The Grand Budapest Hotel, have a great day, and please keep it sassy,

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