#WCW: Amanda

Happy Wednesday Pussycats, (and no I will never refer to it as "hump day")
For my #wcw for this specific wednesday, I have a good ole internet pal of mine. When I say "ole" I mean pretty damn "ole." The first Amanda sitting on my blog dates all the way back to January 2011, when I mention my amazing penpal and the ring she gave me (click here also check out my long hair oh my gawwwwd). 

We've been chatting on the interwebs for a long time now and we still have yet to meet! But that doesn't stop my love and admiration for her work. She's a reoccurring guest photographer click: here, here, here, and here. And in addition to her hair growing significantly longer since we first connected through flickr 3 years ago, her talent as a photographer and her current portfolio has gotten better and bigger everytime I checked back with her!  

So without further ado, my boo, AMANDA.
CH: Who are you wearing?AA: I'm wearing goodies given to me by some amazing people! I bartered the blue overalls and the jellies are from a company called Jelly Beans (@areyoujealy)
CH: How long have you been taking photos?AA: I have been taking photos ever since I could insert a floppy disk into a camera. lol but I've been incorportating fashion into my photographs since high school which was mostly experimenting and shooting film on adventures with the buds.  
CH: What are your spring style inspirations? 
AA: My inspo definitely consists of breaking the rules of "fashion" aka wearing shirts appropriately as dresses, my three pairs of jellies and any excuse to show some side boob!

CH: Any upcoming projects we should know about?
AA: I am in the midst of planning a short film which would include stop motion! Also anticipating more underwater explorations with my new housing unit for my DSLR.

CH: Whats your favorite camera you own?
AA: It's gonna be the Canon 10D which fits perfectly into my Ikelite underwater housing unit. I've been pushing the limits on what objects I can get away with throwing in the pool. For example, a mirror is a bad, bad idea.

CH: Who is your #wcw?
AA: My WCW is Elisabeth Kodesh-Carhart also a fellow photographer who has award winning style and talks in ALL CAPS WHICH I LOVE (@elisabethkokesh)

CH: Where can we find you?
AA: Find me:

CH: How do you keep it sassy?
AA: I keep it SA$$Y by drinking 40's as often as I can, I keep it SASSY by saying, "it's okay to eat carbs." I keep it sassy by the tongue ring, duh. I keep it sassy by BEIN FRIENDS WITH THE SASSIEST OF THEM ALL.

Oh man, she is a girl after my own heart, Especially that last answer.

Be sure to check out her links, have a great day and please keep it sassy,

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