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If you knew what was up in 2004, then you knew all about my girl Jojo. Singer, actress and lip gloss connoisseur, Joanna Levesque aka "Jojo," was everyones favorite fun-sized homegirl.

Her hit single "Leave (Get Out)" was not only the most played song on my ipod mini (not nano) but it also happened to make her the youngest solo artist to have a number 1 song at just 13 years old. Also known for her hit "Too Little Too Late" and her staring role in one of my favorite movies of all time Aquamarine, Jojo was the bomb and is STILL the bomb.

Driving home from school the other day I thought to myself "what happened to my dear pal Jojo, with her cool kicks and most adorable cheekbones?" so I did a bit of research

From what I gathered from wikipedia, she was cruisin, doing her thang, making an album after her 2006 album The High Road. She released a few singles and was working on new material. Then recession hi a lot of different artists hard, getting dropped from labels left and right, Jojo got sent to musical purgatory, thus suing her label, Da Family Entertainment.

She sought $500,000 in damages, getting dropped from her label and then joined Blackground records. She showed up here and there, in the music scene but was virtually hiding from the major spotlight. She remixed T-Pain and Drake, then there was more label drama and some touring here and there. Then her 2012 EP Agape.

Then on June 30, 2013 Jojo filed lawsuits against her former labels Da Family Entertainment and Blackground records for "irreparable damages to her career." After a long settlement and a ton of bullshit that this poor girl had to go through, as of January 2014 she has signed a new contract with Atlantic records.

On Valentines day of this year she released an EP called #LoveJo and she recently performed at SXSW.

From what I gathered from her instagram @translucentbrownsugar she loves: Truman Capote, nail art, her homegirls, her homeboys, puppies, joke t-shirts, fun socks, bold lips, and internet memes.

What a total dream babe! Jojo, I missed you so very much! This is a #tbt, so, I very much recommend you walk down the metaphorical lockered hallways of memories by listening to her old jams. I do also recommend giving her new EP a listen, I VERY much like it, and if you were a true fan back in the day you better show her your love. She is too special and amazing to be forgotten so quickly!


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