Music Monday: Cassie Steele

While you may be rolling your eyes at the homework that forgot to magically do itself, or your nursing your 420-induced, weed brownie, Cheech and Chong, marathon hangover, I've got the pick me up that you just may need. We aren't talking Island Sweet Skunk or anything of the mary-jane variety, we are talking about another sweet thang that comes from Canada, and her name is Cassie Steele.

You may or may not recognize this babe as the one and only, Manny Santos, from Degrassi: The Next Generation. She was a series regular on the show for nine seasons, starring alongside the unknown actor turned rapper, Aubrey Graham, aka Drake, aka Drizzy Drake, you might've heard of him.

On the show, she became famous for: getting in cat fights, asking people "what's [their] damage," and of course, for famously wearing a thong outside her jeans. And unbeknownst to many fans, and mainstream America, this girl can sing.

And while we gathered from Degrassi that this good girl could go bad, In her latest single "Mad," we see this girl go BAAAAAAD. Cassie sounds like if Lana Del Rey and Beth Ditto were pissed-off Lesbian Lovers in a Thelma & Louise-esque, top-down convertible type standoff. This song is raw, this song is sexy and this song kicks major ass and frankly I think you just need to hear it for yourself.

I'm not sure if I'm more shocked by the fact that this is Manny from Degrassi singing, or the fact that it's just so good, but either way I'm impressed and I think you'll be too. Be sure to check out her recent EP titled Shifty which is available on iTunes and Spotify.

I hope this song makes your monday a lil more badass.
Have a great day
and please keep it sassy,

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