#Girlboss: Ceedling!

Blogger/Youtuber/Hair Color Aficionado Celia aka Ceedling on these here internet parts, is not only widely reblogged for not only the spectacular hair on her head, but what's also inside her brain and her compassionate mochi-heart. She's a self-proclaimed "22-year-old feminist cat lady with a philosophy degree," and she was kind enough to have a virtual chat with me to talk feminism, internet notoriety and morning routines *prepare to fangirl HARD*

CH: How did your internet presence begin?
CE: It began on Myspace!! My username was Celia666... as embarrassing as it all is in retrospect, I am pretty glad I experienced myspace in the height of it's popularity because it changed the way I used the internet - I made friends through it, started taking selfies...

CH: Is it weird seeing photos of yourself with hundreds of thousands of notes?
CE: It's super weird. It doesn't affect the way I look at myself in the mirror at all, it's just a funny thing to come across on the internet...I'm just floating around in there!

CH: When did you first decide to dye your hair?
CE: If I remember correctly, I dyed my hair the first time in grade 9 - I got hot pink chunks. Needless to say it was not a good look, but I think it's always been something I saw as an extension of my appearance. I love color, I love evolving the way I look, and dying my hair has long been a part of that. I didn't start really dying it till university, probably because high school did a number on my self-esteem and I needed time to become okay with having a look that demands attention.

CH: How do you deal with strangers constantly asking about your hair?
CE: I don't mind at all. It almost always comes from a good place; curiosity or fascination. I do get a lof of questions about how it must be ~so damaged~ which is a tad annoying because I wouldn't go up to an unnaturally blonde person and say "WOW you're hair must be breaking off from all that lightening!!" If it ain't on your head, don't worry about it!

CH: What was your introduction into feminism?
CE: It was a combination of a few things. My mom is a feminist, she was more active in the 80's, but she's definitely instilled a lot of my beliefs growing up. I only started identifying as a feminist in first year university after joining tumblr, and taking a sociology class that addressed some feminist ideas. I was just starting to really think for myself in a way I never really did in high school, and that allowed me to find a lot of comfort in feminism - and reasons to work against structures of oppression.

CH: Who are some of your feminist icons?
CE:  Bell Hooks, Audre Lorde, Martha Nussbaum, Angela Davis, there are many more, including some outspoken feminist professors I've had in university and some inspiring humans I've met through tumblr!!

CH: Is it weird thinking that for many of us gals on the internet, you are one of our feminist idols?
Meghan Crawford
CE: It's very weird!! I am incredibly flattered, but I'm also flawed, and privileged and can only give so much perspective into feminism - as long as those who learn from my also learn from others, I am happy to be part of the process! Truly Happy.

CH: Do you find identifying as a feminist online to be difficult with many people in the community being very hypercritical?
CE: Yeah, it is hard, especially because everything that one posts online is there forever basically. I've said and done shitty and problematic things in my past. Being held accountable for these things is important, but there is something unique to the internet that it can hold on to the past (good or bad) for so long. I think it's ultimately a good thing, because we all grow and can learn from our own mistakes even years later.

CH: Many of your fans are young, what would you say to your 15-year-old self?
CE: I would tell myself to stop trying to impress other people, to worry about becoming a good person instead of a cool one. I'd say that almost everything you're worried about now will not matter in a year, but the worrying itself will not go away. That's okay. Oh, and don't do anything you're not comfortable doing. Really, it's okay to say no without explanation.

CH: What would you say to someone who wants to give the middle finger to patriarchy by not shaving, but is still scared of what society and their peers will say?
CE: I'd tell them to look at their body as both ammunition and art. In other words, don't look at your body as solely a means to rebel against beauty standards. A body can challenge patriarchal norms and be appreciated as beautiful in it's own right, with all it's flaws and in it's natural state. Remember how beautiful a body is, and you will feel more confident expressing yours how you choose.

CH: Best Karaoke Jam?
CE: I Believe In a Thing Called Love by The Darkness!!!!

CH: Do you have a particular clothing item that makes you feel like Beyonce?
CE: I have a couple freakum dresses in my closet...

CH: Top 3 albums that are good from start to finish?
CE: That's so hard! But I'd say Unknown Mortal Orchestra's II, Beyonce's Dangerously In Love, and Arcade Fires' The Suburbs

CH: Current Style inspirations?
CE:Julia Sarr Jamois, Susie Bubble, Solange, the spring weather, pop art, Elle Fanning for Miu Miu...

CH: Favorite way to spend a Sunday Morning
CE: Toast with jam, staying in my PJs till the afternoon, and cuddling with my kitty Rococo

CH: How do you keep it sassy?
CE: I dance to destiny's child when I'm getting ready for the day ^__^


Now if you aren't convinced that she is not only a #girlboss but just a boss in general, then A) What's wrong with you? and B) I highly suggest you check out all of her links: blog, tumblr, facebook page, twitter, instagram and of course her youtube channel.

Have a great day pussycats, I hope her inspiring words put a spring in your step today on this lovely Thursday <3
and please keep it sassy,

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