Coachella Fashion: the good, the bad and the mostly racist

Photo Credit: Chris Pizello 
We are one weekend into one of the most hippie-dippy pseudo-Woodstock music festivals of our time otherwise known as Coachella. I know it is publicized very little, barely anyone worth talking attends and the performers are all no-names.  You might be wondering "What are you even talking about Sasssquatch?" But I'm here to explain it all to you, most specifically the fashion of this non-important social gathering.
There are many occasions for our generation to dress up inappropriately and vaguely racist; school functions, Halloween, dentist appointments,or any major holiday. But none of them take the cake like Coachella. 

"Let me get this straight," you're wondering to yourself, "at this massive music festival it's okay to wear whatever you want?!" and the answer is ABSOLUTELY not, but famous people do it anyway, in an ignorant parade of appropriated religious symbols and headdresses, accompanied by beer goggles and body paint, the attendees of Coachella offend just about every single minority possible in one face-paint stroke.  

Now I'm 100% for self expression and wearing whatever the fuck you want, but when it comes to appropriating other cultures, I gotta put my foot down. Under the umbrella of the assumed "anything you want" dress code, the running theme is "bohemia" which is fitting with the "I don't give a fuck, I'm young and free" attitude of the event itself.

However many famous people cross lines decked out in appropriated garb without even giving it a second thought. The three biggest offenses at this event are: Bindi's from Indian/Desi culture, Kimonos from Japanese culture, and anything derived from any of the Native American cultures whether that be headdresses, fringed items or face paint. 

Exhibit A) Kendall* Jenner
Photo Credit
With her huge hooped nose ring connected to earring and her tupac inspired bandana many wondered "appropriation?" And while I'm not desi and cannot speak for the entire community, I believe that this type of jewelry is used in many hindu weddings, I'm guessing she's not hindu, thus this accessory is NOT okay. However that hasn't stopped the media from going crazy over it, derailing the conversation and only getting the white perspective on this. So, if you are Desi or have a proper opinion on it, leave it below in the comments, I'm gonna take your word for it. 

Exhibit B) Selena Gomez and her favorite bindis
Photo Credit
ughhh racist, racist, racist. This is particularly annoying because this isnt the first time Selena Gomez and done this, and she has definetly recieved backlash and formal complaints by people in the hindu community YET, she does nothing. Ughhh Selena! If you have any questions about the appropriation of the bindi I wrote an article here, and you should really check out the tumblr youarenotdesi.tumblr.com Also may I add that she is NOT the only perpetrator, and it's extremely important that we start publicly shaming those who appropriate such cultures and not praise them *cough* Vanessa Hudgens *cough* Kylie Jenner *cough* like half of the people there. 

Exhibit C) Ionna Gika and her Kimono
Okay so apparently this photo was taken at sxsw HOWEVER it stresses something extremely important. The appropriation of the Kimono. Now I don't think yall understand, I'm from Honolulu, I grew up in a Asian-Pacific culture with a huge influence from Japan. I, of all people adore Kimonos, however, wearing them, especially such as this one, that is literally in true traditional style, is problematic, no matter how pretty they are. 

Exhibit D) Random Attendees* appropriating Native American head-dresses
Ughhhh *face palm* come on guys, do you not understand how your dinky plastic "native American headdress" is actually really offensive and makes you look like a fucking idiot? White people sometime KILL ME, like really guys? Lets just pretend to be Pochantous and completely forget about manifest destiny or the massive genocide that wiped out hundreds of thousands of Native American people, in the country that was theres first. Lets just forget about the hundreds of years of suffering, torment and racism because we are at a music festival and feathers are "so cute!" UGHH WHYYYY

Now that we're all good and angry, let's calm down and I'll show you some of the fashion I absolutely adored.

Exhibit A) Lana Del Rey Hawaiiana-Dream
While not completely innocent of cultural appropriation in her day, Lana Del Rey looks absolutely darling in this vintage Hawaiiana orange and pink shift dress. She is just so perf. 

Exhibit B) Pom Pom Dream Random Attendee 
Photo Credit
I have no clue who this is, I found this image on LA Weekly's Coachella fashion recap photo by Collin Young-Wolff. I don't know her name, but I want to have a picnic with her, or chase an ice cream truck down the street with her. She is a dream and manages to look like a sexy Strawberry Shortcake, all while not being racist at all, YAY.

Photo Credit
My three favorite homegirls (okay and one boy from left to right): Julian Casablancas, Kesha, and my bby Danielle Haim. Just cruising. Three of my favorite musicians, just cruising. I literally can't with these people. 

Exhibit D) Lizzy Plapinger from MS MR
Photo Credit
You guys know how not cool I am. I didn't even know who this was or who her band was, but let me just say, this bae looks awesome and based on this photo by Chris Pizello alone, I will look up this music and probably be obsessed. 

Exhibit E) Dianna Agron in her 60's shift 
I'm sorry but she is too precious, AND she DJ's? I'm absolutely dead right now, and I'm not being hyperbolic. I normally don't even think about this B and all of a sudden I'm in love with her? Oh man, these feelings!?!Exhibit F) Katy Perry + Posse 

Now Katy Perry is also a huge appropriation offender, and I usually don't condone her wardrobe choices or her behavior, HOWEVER, she and her posse matched. YALL KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE MATCHING THINGS, two thumbs up from me! They look like the girlband of my DREAMS.Exhibit G) Jesus aka Jared Leto
You know how many people have that theory that Elvis and Tupac are chillin in Cuba, well lets throw Jesus into that scenario and you've got Jared Leto's Coachella look.    

Exhibit Queen) BEYONCE
Photo Credit
Need I say anymore? She is perfect, this outfit is perfect, I hate to be one of those ridiculous Beyonce worshipers but I so totally am, yes Beyonce, Yes. 

And that about wraps it up for now. I will be adding more dreamy outfits as I see fit.
Have a great day pussycats,
please keep it sassy,

*corrected the term "bitches" to "attendees" because using such colorful misogynistic* language when talking about racism is not only hypocritical but woman-hating and objectifying. I very much apologize for my language. 


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