Betsey Johnson + Urban Outfitters

As many of you long-time readers may know, I used to work at the Betsey Johnson boutique, here, in Honolulu. At age 18, I was working in an pink palace, selling prom dresses, heels and the cutest accessories to customers from all over the world (a good majority from Japan), and I was helping make these individuals' fashion dreams come true, that's seriously one of the best feelings in the entire world!

Without rehashing the sob-story, the company filed for bankruptcy in 2012 after I'd been working there for almost a full year. I was devastated, and while the tried to stay afloat with their online store, nothing has struck me like when I would see the clothes in person, at my store.

UNTIL, Betsey did a collaboration collection with Urban Outfitters. My heart stopped. EVERYTHING IS SO CUTE, I want this to be my summer in New York city wardrobe from head to toe. With a price range between $89- $350, I'm sure you'll be able to find the perfect summer dress! And hey, didn't you just get your tax return?

Without further ado, here is the collection.
Fiona Floral Chiffon dress $89 here

Juliana Rose Maxi dress $129 here

Niki Hook + Eye dress $99 here
Tori pink slip $99 here

Courtney dress $89 here

Alice Flutter midi dress $99 here
Becca Strapless $350 here

Katie Jane lace trim slip dress $99 here

I love this collection because it reminds me of the old Betsey. Before I worked there, I was an avid Betsey shopper. Spending some of my first pay-checks ever there.

Betsey has always been my favorite designer, and this collection just reminds me of hazy summer days and makes me want to do a cartwheel down a runway. Betsey Johnson dresses are for the sweetheart who isn't always sweet, and that's why I've always and will always be a Betsey girl. (above is a collection of some of my favorite Betsey accessories <3 enjoy)

Have a great day
and please keep it sassy,

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