WCW: Jhune

Whats Good, Pussycats,
Here is certainly a babe that needs no introduction. Jhune Li is my truest and bluest pal. Every time I hang out with her, I thank sweet baby jesus that she is in my life and that we are friends. She supports me and listens and we seriously have the BEST conversations. She is one of my greatest treasures and she should be yours too!

CH: *Joan Rivers Voice* Who are you wearing?JL: An oversized printed chiffon button up from American apparel, wool full-length minnies and socks from j.Crew, glasses and shoes stolen from you!CH: What's the Jam?JL: Figuring out what the damn thing is and doing it.CH: Spring Wardrobe Inspiration?JL: Coming with the discovery that we'll never be able to clone dinosaurs, by perpetually looking like I'm in Jurassic ParkCH: Favorite snack food JL: COOKIE BUTTER!CH:Who is your #WCWJL: Kiko Mizuhara GIVE ME YOUR POUTCH: How did you keep it sassy this week?JL: Working on being a more responsible soon-to-be adult by actually doing my school work and remembering just how much of a difference a red lip make

Oh go and check out her blog already! JHUNELI.COM or click that cute button to your right! Just do it already!
Have a great day
and please keep it sassy,

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