WCW: Hannah

Howdy Ho Pussycats, Today I want to introduce you to my ultimate BBY girl, HANNAH aka, SheWhoConsumesCoffee. Now, we've been talking about collaborating on our blogs forever but we've finally done it! We've been internet friends for a long time now, I'm gonna guess almost 3 or 4 years, we've witnessed all of each others different hair styles or dude crushes, and she's just the best. She's the only person I know, (other than DJ Tanner) who says "oh my lanta," and drinks more coffee than I do! She loves hats, and coffee, and music and she is just the bomb digity okay?

  • CH: *Joan Rivers Voice* Who are you Wearing?
  • HK: Shirt/Hat- Forever21, Jeans/Boots - Target, Jewelry - Thrifted, Forever21

  • CH: How do you take your coffee?
  • HK: I like my coffee hot and creamy (like my men). :)

  • CH: Spring Wardrobe Inspiration?
  • HK: I often look to fellow bloggers (Like the lovely Daily Sass) for inspiration. I think white is a great spring staple along with layering jewely. Short dresses with long sleeves are also perfect for the cool season.

  • CH: Favorite all time guilty pleasure?
  • HK: I'm completely obsessed with the Kardashians, It's unhealthy.

  • CH: Who is your #wcw?
  • HK: My main gurl, Alyssa. Check her out @alyssareadsbooks on Insta! She's quite the crafty babe. 
  • CH: Where can we find you? 
  • HK: welllll....

  • CH: How do you keep it sassy?
  • HK: I remind myself that there is no one else in the world who is identical to me. And that is pretty neat. Also, remember that you don't need a man (or a lady) to make you complete. Be your own favorite person. Love yo self!~ 

Are you obsessed yet or what? Talking to Hannah is like sipping the foam before a hot latte, delightful and exciting and kind of the best feeling ever.
Now go check out her blog, send your love and follow her on all those social media sites, SHE'S JUST TOO CUTE. 
Have a great day pussycats,
and please, keep it sassy,