WCW: Alyssa

Well hello there pussycats,
don't kill me but the past two days have been insane. I'm just gonna say drunk risk night + BEST COAST concert + horrible sunburn + heat exhaustion = No blogging for almost two days. However I'm here, and I'm a little late but this #wcw is too cute that she must be featured, even tho its Friday.

Meet ALYSSA, you may not remember, but I did a review on a few bows she made for me last month click here and this little pixie happened to be my #wcw Hannah's #wcw last week, click here so this is kind of #wcw inception! She is absolutely darling, you could fit her in your pocket, she can make pizza and as I've mentioned before, she's the human personification of a Valentine!
  • CH: HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! How did you spend your marvelous day today?
  • AA: Well, today I mailed some bows out, got lunch with my boo thang and went on my weekly visit to Joanne's to get fabric

  • CH: Who are you wearing?
  • AA: Vintage cardigan, forever21 jeans and thrifted shirt?

  • CH: Have you always been obsessed with Bows?
  • AA: It actually happened right as I started to get into more vintage style

  • CH: Are you aware that you are a Disney Princess in real life? Also who is your favorite Disney Princess and why?
  • AA: Hahahah! I wish I was a real disney princess. Snow White will always be my number one lady but recently I have found a new love for Elsa, but I'm not sure if she counts or not ahha.

  • CH: Spring Wardrobe Inspiration?
  • AA: That would have to be Dominique Swain in Lolita. I want all her outfits! Also I'm feeling a lot of pastels.
  • CH: Who is your #wcw?
  • AA: My #wcw would most def be Hannah!

  • CH: Where can we find you?
  • AA: My tumblr is littlecraftyqueen
  • CH: How do you keep it sassy?
  • AA: I take lots of selfies, eat lots of pizza and remember to do things for me, not for anyone else!

I'm obsessed with this little bug, as you should be too. Be sure to check her out on all her links and send some love, maybe buy a bow, who knows!
Have a great day
and please keep it sassy,

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