VIDEO: Spring Break Safety

When we think of spring break, we think of a week in the middle of the spring semester to lie by the pool, relaxing with a couple magazines, but most importantly, PARTYING. And while we all want live that MTV spring break dream full of jello shots, free plastic beads and endless red solo cups, we need to remember a few tips about Safety, that even your momma might not’ve told you
  1.  DO NOT ACCEPT DRINKS/DRUGS FROM STRANGERS- even if a seemingly normal stranger hands you a drink, DO NOT TAKE IT. Unless you see the factory seal on that Smirnoff vodka cap break and you see the drink being poured directly into your cup, DON’T DO IT. I advise carrying around your own flask, not only will you look all hip and retro but also you will have a good idea of how much you’ve been drinking and you will avoid roofies at all cost.
  2. THE BUDDY SYSTEM – If you know you are going buck wild, make sure you have a friend who is willing to A) Watch your back and just how much alcohol you are consuming or B) make sure you make it home alright. The party girl BFF is essential, make sure it is someone you know, someone you trust and someone who will be able to carry your body weight (we’re talking worst case scenario here)
  3. KNOW YOUR LIMMITS- you can’t totally expect your party girl BFF to be there for you, what if she wants to go buck-wild too, or if she gets distracted by a game of Cards against Humanity. My general rule of thumb is to drink until my lips feel tingly, and to then pace myself. Nurse that drink like you are a member of the babysitters club, just hang onto it and take your time sipping away.
  4. CONDOMS- OH MY GOD PLEASE BUY CONDOMS YOU GUYS. If you plan on having a torrid one night stand with the dreamy Kelly Kapowski looking babe from Tampa that you met, wrap it up. I know you’ve heard this a million times but the only thing you want to hold onto from your night with Kelly is awesome memories, not a venereal disease, okay?
  5.  DO NOT RAPE/ROOFIE/KIDNAP ANYONE- We live in a patriarchal society that tells girls that we need to always have our guard up, travel in pairs of two and watch what we drink, but I’m gonna take my opportunity on this soap box to express my feelings about rapists. Just don’t do it. Don’t take advantage of a girl who drank too much, or the girl in the short skirt, there is no justifiable reason to rape a person. It doesn’t matter if you guys are both drunk, or if she has a bad reputation, no one is ever asking for it, and there is a special place in hell for people like you.

And on that note, have fun guys, rage and party and be safe like non other. Also don’t bother posing for Girls Gone Wild a free trucker hat is not worth a potential career in politics down the road.

Have a great day and please keep it sassy,

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