Spring Break 2014 Playlist

Frame Photo by Cassandrea Xavier, top photo Amanda Adam  
Because nothing says "Spring Break" more than sunbathing in your backyard while listening to the grooviest tunes. Well, lets be honest, nothing says "Spring Break" more than being in Cancun, or as far away from your lame backyard as possible. However, I love spring break and I love the jams, so without further ado, here are my top 10 spring break jams.
Photo credit: Cassandrea Xavier
1) Nodding Off - Wavves ft. Best Coast
this song literally combines my two favorite dreamy beach bands into ONE really catchy song. Are you dancing around doing the pony, the twist and other groovy 60's style dance moves, or is that just me?

2) Flight Facilities (Them Jeans edit)- Claire De Lune (feat Christine Hoberg)

This song has this ice cream truck sounding xylophone melody that sounds like childhood, but with these creepy vocal tracks that haunt your soul! This song is the perfect spring break jam because its equal parts cool and creepy and I think thats a pretty accurate description of the nature of Spring Break as well.

3) Cruel - St. Vincent
Cause this song is the audio manifestation of how playing with bubbles should sound. It's dreamy and sorta sounds like it should be in a 1940's princess disney movie, but it also sounds like it should be in 10 Things I Hate About You and that is just the ultimate combination for me

4) Good Night Good Morning - Beth Ditto
Yall know how much I love Gossip, click here, and this song has that perfect funky spring break feel to it. Especially when we talk about lyrics! I love this song because it's sexy-feel works literally in the morning when you wake up slightly hung over, or as you are getting ready to go out for a crazy night. This song is the jam.

5) X Girl (featuring Rye Rye) - Teenage Bad Girl
This song makes me want to dance around a pool in 6 inch stilettos. It makes me want to throw a drink in someones face and slowly get out of a swimming pool completely drenched in a $500 dress. This song also makes me want to shake my tail feather while doing an 80's spring-cleaning montage. This song makes me want to do a lot of things.

6) Gas Pedal (Caked up Remix) - Sage the Gemini
This song literally makes me want to wiggle like I'm trying to make my ass fall off. There is no other description worth describing.

7) Just Desserts - Marina and the Diamonds + Charli XCX
This song makes me want to eat a push-pop seductively while eye-fucking my smoldering next door neighbor named Ralph while wearing denim hotshorts and an American flag bikini top. I have no neighbor named Ralph, in fact, I don't even have any pushpops, which disturbs me greatly, but this is the power of music, people.

8) Honey and I (RICH e Fresh Bossa Nova Remix) - Haim
I had to throw in a little Bossa Nova and a little Haim, I'm sorry, that combination is almost as good as spring break and margaritas! This is also a great poolside diddy, and I mean, if this doesnt make you want to lounge around, I seriously don't know what is wrong with you.

9) Underneath it All - No Doubt
I'm sorry but I don't care if it's not Thursday, we're gonna throw it back ANYWAY. This song has such a beachy beautiful vibe, and I can't hear this song without thinking of home, and of that sort of relaxed feeling you have in your heart when you are in love and gah, this song does it for me, I don't care if you think It's overplayed.

10) Nice to Know You - J Boog
Because this is my school unofficial anthem, and there is no way you can't listen to this song and not even secretly admit to yourself that you like it. Plus if you are still living in one of those arctic freezing places, listen to this and I'm 100% sure you will feel like you're at the beach.

I hope you enjoy these tunes and that you listen to them poolside, or snowside, or where ever the eff you are!
Have a great Spring Break
and please keep it sassy,

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