Oh you FANCY, Iggy Azalea

Extremely exciting news! My girl Iggy and my new girl Charli XCX just dropped their music video for their song "Fancy" and it GOOOOOOES.

I've been wanting to do a post on Iggy Azaela for awhile now, but I know she's kind of a errrr topic when it comes to feminism. While she has committed major cultural appropriation in her music video for "bounce" and some think her wrapping at all is appropriation, I can't help but feel this song. It's okay to like problematic things as long as you acknowledge them for being problematic, right?

Anywho, the music video is like a 3:25 minute long version of one of my most favorite movies of all time, Clueless. Little known Sasssquatch fact, I loved that movie so much in 7th grade, I used to carry around the screen play for casual reading when I was bored...yeah...

Charli XCX, who I'd never heard of before this, kills it with the chorus and Iggy, oh Iggy, she just slaughters this track. Finally, a song she created that goes as hard as "Murda Business," cause lets be honest, "Change my life" was wack.  

According to the behind the scenes video they filmed in the same high school Clueless was filmed in, the stylists put together 250 unique looks (including the extras), and they filmed on the freeway, DO YOU KNOW HOW DIFFICULT THAT IS TO DO?
And just like that, she wormed her warm back into my heart. Damn you Iggy, jk I love you.

I hope you enjoyed this impromptu post, I knew I had to write about this, its just too good. 
Have a great day
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  1. How amazing is this video!

    Emma x

  2. I LOVE Iggy! The video was so cute! Tbh I wish she'd had more lyrics and screen time than the other girl. I guess it'll grow on me ;)

  3. Love it! Love her! Right now she's one of my "must have on your playlist" singers.

  4. I couldn't believe how incredible was the video when I first spotted it on Facebook!
    I love Iggy Azalea, she's hot, she's cool and she has attitude! Love the way she raps, so kick-ass and naughty.