mmmmmmmmmmm MOONDAY
It's monday again Pussycats, and here are a few Moony-Monday-things I'm into.

Moon Song:
Now, I haven't seen Her. but I'm a huge fan of these two. Karen O and Ezra Koenig are seriously, my ultimate pair. This performance at the Oscars is just so lovely. Her gorgeous dress with her heels tucked to her side. Their beautiful harmonies, and the simplicity of Ezra just holding his guitar, really makes me think of my fave Elliott Smith and his performance of "Miss Misery" 1998 Oscars. Oh look was that another "M"...just sayin.

Moon Stone:

I received this amazing stone from amazing Pal Christine, for my B-day. Kelsey and I have plans to bathe it in the moonlight, because you're supposed to do that to cleanse it or whatever, but man, have I ever felt like I was in a coven or what! Thanks Christine!

Moon Collective:
Moon Collective is a clothing brand originally from Hawaii. I've seen there work a lot at Art+Flea and omg the stuff is so cute. No, this is not sponsored at all, the only reason I've heard of them is from my pal Nara, but yeah the stuff is cute. It looks straight out of a Wes Anderson dream store so you should support them and stuff, okay?  CLICK HERE

First Band on the MOON:
When it comes to music, my best pal Jhune li knows all. A million years ago I remember her chit chatting away with her beau Rawb, all about how great this album by The Cardigans was. She explained that despite "Love Fool" being the title, and most well know track, it was actually the least awesome on the entire CD. And man she was right, this is one of those MMMMMMMM albums. From start to finish this album is gold, with sweet vocals, interesting background instruments and just overall cutesyness I give this album two thumbs up. Thanks Jhune!

YALL! I'M MOVING TO NEW YORK CITY THIS MAY! Sorry, I know I mentioned it earlier, however, oh my word I'm excited! My dreams are finally feeling close and I just feel so happy. My heart feels like melted butter. I'm not gonna go into that analogy. It's just exactly how I feel right now.

Okay guys, that about wraps up this week of "mmmmm mondays"
I hope you enjoyed it
and I'll see yall next week! Let me know if you like this format or if I should change up the letter!
Have a great day
and Please keep it sassy

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