Guest Artist: Sofi Mae

Israel Travel Diary


When I tell someone that the month I spent in Israel was my first experience traveling internationally, the response that I typically get is something like, "Why there?" or "Wasn't it dangerous?" Why Israel? is an easy enough question to answer: I was visiting my dear friend Jacob, who is currently getting his master's degree at the University of Haifa. He promised an incredible month of adventure and a free place to stay, so I was all in. The second question, however, is a bit more difficult. Israel is not necessarily the war-torn country that we Americans see on CNN every other night. For the most part, it is a breathtakingly unique place that is no more dangerous than any major city in Europe. I had hoped to capture this side of Israel in my photos, the side that is eclectic, surprising and intensely beautiful. We spent four nights at a hostel in Jerusalem, during which we roamed around the Old city for hours on foot and ate endless amounts of falafel and shakshuka. Devastatingly, my film was not properly loaded and I lost all my photos from this first week! Hense no picturesque Dome of the Rock landscapes to be found. Thankfully, I discovered my blunder while having lunch at the Dead Sea and was able to reload my film and begin snapping away. Throughout the next three weeks, Jacob was kind enough to take time out of his busy school schedule to go with me to Tel Aviv (more than once!), Akko, Rosh Hanikra, Nazareth, Jaffa and all over Haifa. I know my photos can not even begin to do justice to all the amazing places and people I saw, but I hope you enjoy my travel diary and get to experience a small piece of the lesser-known side of Israel -Sofi ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Sofi is a dear dear friend of mine, and it was also recently her birthday! So you should send your love by following her on instagram and here flickr also she's thinking about starting a blog soon so send your love and support. Sofi was one of my first friends in college and she's just the sweetest. She brought me turkish delight all the way from her exciting journey and she seriously has a heart of gold. Sofi and I have grown a lot since we met our freshman year, and I'm just very glad I met her.  Dont forget to wish her a happy birthday,have a great dayand please keep it sassy,xoxoxo

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