Guest Artist: Jhune Li

New York Travel Diary

"Hey guys!
So as Caelan has already told you, I went to NYC! It was the funnest of fun and chock full of amazing firsts for Rawb and I: flying together, going to the East Coast, seeing snow, being on a subway, and meeting a real-life corgi just to name a few. And I also got to see my Jacqueline, whom I spend pretty much every waking second with during high school and is a big reason for why I am who I am today. Rawb and I were there for 10 days (if you don't count the whole travelling thing because that's the worst) and didn't have a set schedule in mind besides some museums and concerts; one of which, the Front Bottoms concert, I wasn't even aware we were going to because he surprised me with the tickets our first night in! So, here are a few photos of us wandering about in the frigid cold where in every direction there was so much to see. Enjoy!"

Yall know how much we love Jhune Li! How how appropriate is this photo series, considering my news yesterday! I love this city and I love Jhune's skillz and you should check out the button for her to the right of my website RIGHT NOW and send her all your love okay?
Have a great saturday pussycats, 
keep it sassy,

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