It's Tuesday! You know what that means Tasty Tuesday! And I realize that I've been frequenting places only in the Honolulu area, but I'm sorry, this place is too good to pass! I'm talking about Morning Glass, a tiny restaurant that's ambience is described as "hipster casual" according to yelp. The food is delicious, the service is spectacular and man, I just, I just can't with this place. I ordered an Egg-a-muffin which is basically like an Egg McMuffin's sophisticated older brother that attended Vaser. Instead of a limp english muffin with square yellow cheese it is actually a breakfast dream: a fluffy cibata bun with a sweet tomato jam incases a runny egg and some maple smoked bacon like two pals in a sleeping bag of deliciousness on a crisp morning. There is also arugala so that we feel healthy and the sweet mixed with savory mixed with healthy and I'm DONE, this thing is amazing.
It was scrumptious and the iced coffee was pretty good too. Go on a monday because there was no wait at all, unlike the usual Sunday. 

I'm done, this is delicious and relatively cheap, I think it was like $10.20 for all of it which aint that bad compared to most sit-down breakfast places.   

Have a great day,
and please keep it sassy,

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